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Feb 20, 2016
With so many people claiming hacked accounts lately I felt I had to post this. The majority of the time you are not really being "hacked" as this is not the easiest thing for someone to do. In almost all cases, what happens is related to a social engineering scam:

You will hear about or see another server advertised, and decide to try it out. 99% of the time people will use the same password on every server that they join. This is a very bad idea, as there are relatively easy methods for malicious servers owners to take password information if they want it. One you /register, they can simply attempt the same password on other servers they know you've been on and take over your account.

Ways to avoid this:
1. Use a different password on every server you join, even if it is off by only a little.
2. Be wary of server advertisements in-game. If someone is advertising a server on Pika-Network, they instantly know to come right back and try your account here.
3. Screenshot any user advertisements and post to the forums so the staff can take proper action.

What to do if you've lost your acount:
1. Make sure that you are simply not getting the "Account is already logged-in to the server" message due to connection lag (Wait a minute and try again).
2. Post a new thread in "report a player" forum. For best results, include a screenshot or video that shows that you were the original owner of the account.
3. If you remember a person advertising a server, or the name of a server, that you recently joined right before losing your account, add that information as well.
4. Poke an administrator on teamspeak with the link to your forum post []

Credits to cliMAKtic for making this thread.
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