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  1. Mr_Ca0s_

    appeal ss

    hello apply to do hack checks in the Op faction, since i love this server and i see that there are a lot of hackers i feel compelled to apply. Im Sin3tox_ and I have immortal rank and play every day on server. I purchase echo.ac is a tool for found all hack ghost on pc and another tool, I buyed...
  2. Jean41212

    Which is the Worst Minecraft Server?

    You Don't Have A Choice.... For Me the Best server is pika network, hypixel is nothing infront of Pika network XD
  3. EA0_2_0_8_

    Denied SkyWars [crack] A map for pika skywar!

    Minecraft Username EA0_2_0_8_ Suggestion: [crack] made a map for pika skywar! Detailed description: Please DM me in discord to get the map! sorry for the inconvenience (to secure the map confidential) Here is a video shortly introducing the map: View: https://youtu.be/bcT2KCOcQtg...
  4. Lt_akgamings

    Petition to bring back the prison servers!

    Anyway if you'd like to sign the petition it's here ----->https://secure.avaaz.org/en/community_petitions/voodootje0_gunfire_pikanetwork_prison_servers/details/ So, I don't think that this is against the rules since I've clarified what the link is for and it probably isn't forbidden. So if...
  5. D

    Hey there can I help you?

    Well im new but not new new 4 years ago I was a lot on this server until my Minecraft was hacked and now where back with a rand new acc im ready too help you make the server a nice place hacker free wanna talk too me on dc sure if I can help you just ask it or just say hi :)
  6. M


    hello owners, moderators,helpers and all my friend accidentally typed IP for one server we left the server and we tried to connect to that server we want to he typed in chat when we come back he saw he is banned after some times we got link and we saw one of the players saw IP and reported him...
  7. gewoon_jayden2.0

    Bugs at opfac AGAIN

    Hello staff when the owner fixed the bugs on opfac yesterday he made new bugs i know 2 bugs 1 bug is this https://prnt.sc/qelfbo if u kill some 1 the kill doesnt come up in the red letters and the axe /s word u killed with him the other bug is that you cant bow boost ur self i dont have...
  8. C

    Unecessary Cooldowns.

    Hello i was wondering why are there cooldowns on things that are totally unecessary to have cooldowns on... like /fix all after using it you have to wait 2hrs and 30mins before doing it again. Also /fix hand after using you have to wait 30mins before using it again and lastly /rename. Now i dont...
  9. S

    Everyone Need /Sell All / Hand Command

    hello guys , i think everyone who play classic skyblock need /sell all / hand command bcus selling items in /shop are very annoying partucilar when u got so many chests to sell , i know /sell command is for donators but all the players need it thanks for reading and get your attention <3!!