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staff application

  1. OnetyOne

    How do I apply for staff rank. HELP!

    I've been playing on this server for a while now and I like playing but now I want more. I want to become a staff member cause I literally have nothing to do and I want to do something . So how to I apply for this? HELP! Just tell me how to apply and I'll send a formal resume is it called or...
  2. FearlessYt

    My staff application pls give me some tips by replying :)

    {1} Age: 15 (almost b-day) {2} My Ign: pikaisbest {3} What role am i applying for : Moderator for now {4} Why do i want to be staff : I would like to be able to contribute to the server's health in a more efficient way than I am currently able to. Both via helping players, especially the...
  3. ayaanplayz

    How to post a staff Application

    Head over to https://pika-network.net/apply and fill out there anyways have a great day
  4. ayaanplayz

    pika-network staff application {best server in the world}

    name: hello mine name is Ayaan in-game name {pikaisbest} rank: Normal, Doing a application for Moderator rank why: i want to be a helper because i really want ban all the hackers and all the cross teamers because many people are leaving the server because hackers kill them and they get cross...