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  1. Neqromancer

    Skywars is, quite literally, unplayable.

    This is going to be close to a rant thread, click off if you don't like negative opinion (lmao) Skywars is an amazing game. It combines the void and falling factors of bedwars, while being significantly shorter each round and can get more thrill. The maps are fun, the items are fun, and the...
  2. C

    I am getting random invites

    Hello I keep on get random invites from like this p5iTovk.Pls solve the problem. Even my friends are getting like this
  3. T

    /fly Problem

    So I have ssnl /fly and I got a Perm one yesterday from a godly crate and I can't claim it so if any Admin, Developer or the Manager can help pls help me. I want my perm fly.
  4. Jikacha132

    Problem with Skywars

    Здравейте, искам да попитам някой друг освен мен, ако има проблем с играчите, изтласкани в празнотата В една игра натисна най-малко 2 души в пропастта, но тя не ги запишете
  5. C

    Can't Access Quests

    I just logged into the OP Skyblock server today and got started on my island. I tried to see what quests there are but when i use the command (./quests) it doesnt work, I tried /quest without the s and it doesnt work either. I even tried to access them through the /island menu and it STILL didnt...
  6. I

    my island is gone

    i was playing on classic skyblock and i played so much time and some one named NinjaC5 invited me and i joined and i cant go back to my island can any one help me?
  7. S

    Hits not registering

    Almost half of my hits are not registering especially in bedwars which made me loose so many matches Any suggestions on fixing this problem ? i'm on 1.16.1
  8. I

    Placing enchanted spawners on top of ea

    So u literally cant get espawners in ur inventory so i cant sell espawners can any mod see this so they can fix this problem i cant pick up espawners and stack them. So whats the point? Do i have to buy a donator rank????!
  9. Harrysdog

    help thread?

    Not sure what thread suitable but for now i need help to get flint or gravel in skyblock because i need it to make flint and steel for a project. note: /is ms is selling the wrong sapling and /c the challange that give you spawn egg are not giving them (also not sure if its being discuss before)
  10. S

    Ad's dont work

    I don't know which forum is right for this. Whenever I try to watch an ad to get Adpoints, it says: No ad available try again later. Here's the screenshot I am from Croatia, I tried on Google chrome, and Internet Explorer. But for my friend from another city in Croatia it works fine. What is the...
  11. MrRavagen

    Just asking about &Ok

    Is this anymore a thing and can we use this on Classic SkyBlock or anywere else? I'm a SkyPaladin so if we have it, Idk how. So what I've found was &Ok should have been different colored text each word on a sentence like example: "1234567890" Did this get removed or is there some kind of new...
  12. krstecd

    my minecraft launcher is crashing

    Hello, today i was updating my graphic drivers but something went wrong and i need to back my older driver and from now my minecraft stop working, i was watching some videos on Youtube but they don't help me, they show only how they install java, i try that and it's not working. Here is what i...
  13. A

    Cannot send chat message

    Hi, I have a problem, that when I try to write something in the chat can't do that, Why?
  14. Shanan

    Please read this.

    I don't know, where to put this thread. So I'm posting it here. So I went to Creative 1.9, and suddenly my chat started talking by itself. It suddenly started swearing and said 'I am not fine' 'I tell on pple' 'f***!' I disconnected, as I thought it probably would start telling Ip addresses...