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  1. slenderbrine3450

    Will there though?

    Is pika network still letting people in for applying for staff or is there enough already if this is confidential and I’m not allowed to know just tell me
  2. _Xx_Yoshi_xX_

    Click here :

    I made dis hope no yt rank will see dis . _. or i will get drama and bad things lol . _. www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS99m1D8RdU
  3. Kingsvar07

    Can I use mipmap

    so I am using labymod as a client and I had a doubt that in the addons section there was a mod called mipmap and i downloaded it. mipmap is basically a minimap on ur screen so can I use it in bedwars? IGN:Kingsvar07 LVL:32 BW WINS:859 BW KILLS:6346 BW BEDS:1067
  4. V

    How do you change the names of items in survival?

    How do you change the names of items in survival on pikanetwork?
  5. BusyFire

    Memes + Bedwars == FUN?

    Hey so ahm i got a video here and its like fun i guess idk you rate it i guess its memes + bedwars on pika took about 3h to edit so would be nice to show your feedback by commeting here or on yt :D Video link: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A37YfSStcFY

    Why bed wars in pika is one of the most popular game?

    So pika server has the best bedwars that you can play on! But if we wanna compare it some server like hypixel they both are the best but pika is having the best cracked server until now
  7. Zoukix

    AlexXVII team are clowns L go to bed (kitpvp pika)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV-Kyd5GHlw&ab_channel=Ano make sure to like and sub <3
  8. Frogzii

    Top 3 BLUE Texture Packs For Minecraft 1.8.9! (With Timestamps)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIXvSr5Zhyw&t=23s
  9. A

    Lag back abuse is it bannablle?

    as if yall didnt know if u place a block of wool at the resourses gen u will get lagbacks so u can use it to ur advanage whle breaking beds i do it v often and one day a guy said he reported me for hacking lmao and i will get a ban so will i? is it bannable?
  10. darkmaterlll

    how long yall ben playing pika

    so the question pretty self explanatory how long you've ben playing pika? personally I've only ben playing for 6 months.
  11. P

    Pika Community Discord Server Ideas

    Greetings PikaCrafters, As many of you know pika is going through a good period if we exclude a few mistakes and some other things that I don't think are either worth it or should be mentioned in this thread as we are not here to rate the server but to support it even more. Many different...
  12. krsy123

    Where do you post memes?

    Let's say I have a meme (about pika network of course). Where do I post it? Here? Or are memes not allowed at all on the forums?
  13. krsy123

    How do some people send replies shorter than 6 words?

    We all know that there is a filter which only allows you to send a message/reply if you wrote more than 6 words. I see some people however, reply with only an emoji and, nothing else. or some people just say "same" and, the reply is sent normally. When I try that however, It still says that I...
  14. DaniForTheBabes


    1 Pizza Key in OpPrison would be much appreciated :D lmao by: DaniForTheBabes


    THEY CREATED THIS AND POSTED ON DISCORD : BUT I TWEAKED IT ... : NOTE : If the owner wants me to remove this for any purpose i will be glad to remove it.
  16. Discooordian

    Verbal abuse...

    Hello, I'd like to make a claim towards 4 players in a bedwars lobby, I have 4 screenshots to show there inappropriate language:
  17. OnlyAGamer4Life

    Me A Survival Helper

    I have been with the server a few years although I was previously not a premium player. I've seen the loss of staff along with the new staff members that purposely abuse their power as little as it may be from time to time. It seems almost endless. My name has disappeared from the network due to...
  18. Kbot

    Bounty money loss

    First off, I understand what I did was stupid, but I found a glitch while doing it. I logged on a second account and gave it money, and set a bounty on myself. I spent 3 billion dollars on the bounty by using /bounty add (number) and I killed myself with my second account to get the money back...
  19. _SpookyGhost_

    For Your SkyBlock Island Safety

    Guys Previously I Been Hacked On pika classic skyblock,these hackers us a skyblock exploit (adn something else) that dont have patched yet on the server and when they tpa to your island they somehow steal your account change passoword etc so... FOR YOUR SKYBLOCK ISLAND SAFETY THERE ARE 3 STEPS...
  20. faizluckyshah

    More pika players

    Try to make an mcpe pika network see and you can have more then 1000 or more player