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pika network

  1. CommodorePET

    Jartex Skywars PRO Tries Pika Skywars

    Hello everyone. I'm mostly a Jartex skywars player but I decided to try pika skywars today. Enjoy.
  2. Zoukix

    AlexXVII team are clowns L go to bed (kitpvp pika)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV-Kyd5GHlw&ab_channel=Ano make sure to like and sub <3
  3. CFletcher

    Can I have Youtube Rank

    (Hi Max the owner of Pika Network) I was Wondering can I have YouTube Rank? My YouTube Channel is called Cringy Crazy Fletcher I've got 61 Subscribers and I Make lots of Bedwars and Skywars Videos on Pika Network https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFSHlUqH7eYi8cO098Y6fNA My Minecraft Pika...
  4. BeLikeMike_

    Jartex main plays Pika-Network for the first time ! ft. Titan_Leo

    I had to go thru A LOT to record this so please consider subscribing and perhaps liking View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygGkJMPRnrA @Titan_Leo
  5. Frogzii

    why is there a hole in the carpet?

    I'm pretty sure all of us have played on the bedwars map 'town' but did you ever realize the hole in the carpet? Is it there for a reason?
  6. Frogzii

    Keyboard & Mouse Sounds (ASMR) | Bedwars

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFhQkYDy_RY&t=15s
  7. Frogzii

    Chill Solo Bedwars (No Talking)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQoedj4CU9w Please like and subscribe!
  8. chetan0402

    DESTROYING Players in Build UHC

    View: https://youtu.be/8UY7Yk-XRZg
  9. KillBandit

    [Twitch] KillBandit

    IGN - KillBandit Discord- KillBandit#4441 About me I am a growing Twitch streamer . I have been playing Minecraft for over an year . I just wanted to utilize this year (lockdown) fruitfully so I started Streaming on Twitch . I have the Twitch rank on Jartex Network. I aim to start uploading...
  10. C

    Not seeing party invites

    I cant see party invites that my friend sent and i cant invite them the message doesnt show so i cant join any party and cant invite friends to my party what should i do. I can open party settings also
  11. wjdxo

    I am wjdxo.

    Hello, I'm just an ordinary Minecraft Pika network player, wjdxo. I'll always do good things and I won't curse or ad-lib the server or player. I will vote for the server frequently and become a hardworking player wjdxo on Pika's network site. Have a happy day. <3
  12. _itzYash_

    just a trash post

    yo guys im _itzYash_ . im a good boy. and i have so many lb player in friend list
  13. _itzYash_

    yo guys

    yo guys im _itzYash_ . im a good boy
  14. krsy123

    Where do you post memes?

    Let's say I have a meme (about pika network of course). Where do I post it? Here? Or are memes not allowed at all on the forums?
  15. VoltzzMC

    (Official Teaser) Born For Greatness Minecraft Montage

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nryce7tP-do
  16. krsy123

    How do some people send replies shorter than 6 words?

    We all know that there is a filter which only allows you to send a message/reply if you wrote more than 6 words. I see some people however, reply with only an emoji and, nothing else. or some people just say "same" and, the reply is sent normally. When I try that however, It still says that I...
  17. krsy123

    Skywars :Editing+ Resolution and video quality enhancement.

    Hello again! Some of the people who saw my previous post may remember me, anyways, I am krsy123 (Chair 123) and, I was the person who posted the "Uncut skywars game" video. Today, I played another game of skywars but, this time I got an editing software and, Did some things with it: 1- Tried to...
  18. A

    Update BedWars

    PikaNetwork bedwars need to update like that of Jartex........pls update Pika Bedwars
  19. DaniForTheBabes


    1 Pizza Key in OpPrison would be much appreciated :D lmao by: DaniForTheBabes
  20. VoltzzMC

    ok you have to comment and like this video

    i have been making this project FOR LIKE 2 WEEKS :O View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqqRPgRPuqQ