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  1. MythicalProYT

    Bring Back Old Maps

    It is good that pika is bringing new maps. But it is also that, old maps were more enjoyable. And I get bored playing new maps. The old maps like Lighthouse, Rooftop, Gas Station, aquarium(old), etc. Where they all have gone? They are not even in the map selection list. I am not saying to...
  2. DarrenWasTaken

    Hi, I'm DarrenWasTaken

    You can call me Darren for short. I like playing Opskyblock,bedwars and Opprision! (I'll play more if i would) I don't want to talk too much soo have a great day ahead!

    About me in opfaction

  4. thekbwithnodude

    Hi, I'm TheKbWithNoDude!

    Hey!!!! The name's TheKbWithNoDude, you guys can call me "KB". I'm a Minecraft player, and developer (mostly programming in Python and JavaScript). I have been playing Minecraft for the last 6 years, mostly interested in Redstone, and survival. But since last year, I have been very interested...
  5. SezarBD

    Survival server [reset]

    The survival server is almost full of buildings and many complaints. I decide to take a break until survival reset. I don't want to wait so long for a survival reset so I hope it will reset as soon as possible.
  6. XBON123

    Something New?

    •Introduction Hey my name is XBON i em a player on pika op facs 1 i em currently a donator+ rank and i got some years playing on pika under my belt.I played on many servers over my 4-5 years of playing minecraft crossed many blocks and a lot of conquer i did on factions. •Idea I Know staff and...
  7. MangoKisa

    MangoKisa - Introduction

    Hey, Im MangoKisa. Im 14 Year old player who likes to play different gamemodes. I like to play with friends and have adventures with them. I like Factions, Prison and Skyblock. Other gamemodes doesn't intrest me so much. I like to help people who need help or/and are new to the server. I like to...
  8. ____Elsa____

    Denied Global Epic Spell Wars! A new kind of Minigame!

    Hey! Elsa here. Introducing.... EPIC SPELL WARS! Using the spell system on my previous build. I created a minigame! This minigame is good for 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, and even 5vs5! No mods or Resource packs needed! Minigame Summary: 1. 6 premade starting spell given to random players per...
  9. M

    New Face.

    I am Mike , My ign is Mike_Sems123 i am new to the server but currently banned and the ban was at 27/11/16 , I haven't played that long yet I started playing at april and I don't know why I got banned , Please help
  10. R

    [Sugestion] OpSkyBlock

    Add enchant named AUTO-SMELT for tools, this enchant Smelt all ores/block after mining and the price are 100 tokens.
  11. R

    OpSkyBlock New Enchant !

    My idea is add enchant named AUTO-REPAIR to auto fix tools. Tokens cust are 60 each level and customs speed for fix. Thx to see my suggestion !
  12. Ninja 4837

    How i ended up on Pika....

    Hi! Its been almost like 2 years or something that I've been registered and playing on Pika. Though most of you guys may not know me, I'm actually a really nice guy :) Let me know and hit me up with a PvP battle or anything that you'd like to know about me, help , etc. I'm waiting to meet up...
  13. iMzSpEedY

    Wool Wars

    Server WoolWars Suggestion You spawn in mid where chests are, you get wool from the chests, and build up to pillars with more chests with more wool and better weapons/geae. Reason A new minigame would probably bring more people, and this one doesn't really take mucg RA, Example Inspired...