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  1. powertwo

    Lottery Event

    Hosting a lottery event! Winner gets 1B! ---------------------------------------------------------------- To join, /msg Power2two (me) I'll tell you the details. Cost: 20M per ticket Results will come out when I sold 100 tickets. If I haven't sold enough tickets after a long time, I'll close the...
  2. Bolja

    Be nice to people | Disco Prison Episode 3/100 [it will make you cry]

    Hello guys, I planned to give $1000000 dollars to every new player who joins the first time for the prison server. But what happened made me cry (and it will make you cry too), thank you for the Love everyone. I really didn't expect this. THANK YOU playerhunter899, Dupe__, lugislt...
  3. _iFearless_

    I lost 43k of the money why????

    yesterday I had 43k and today only 100 why???
  4. Krekkers

    Store prices in Vietnamese dong (ranks)

    Factions{ Pro: 272728,52 Hero:681821,31 Ultimate:1363642,62 Mythic:2045463,93 OverLord:2727285,24 Legend:5454570,47 Master:10909140,95 } Skyblock{ SkyVip:272728,52 SkyHero:681821,31 SkyLord:1363642,62 SkyLegend:2045463,93 SkyGod:3409106,55 SkyKing:6136391,78 } Prison{ Smuggler:272728,52...
  5. S

    Bug anti capitalism ?

    Hello, With my nigga and macaque from Zimbabwe, being formerly a slave in America, we have become a professional of banana planting so we farm on your survival game mode. But unfortunately we noticed that certain objects bug during the sale / shop: actually when shouaite sell items the game...
  6. hijackrusty

    Classic SkyBlock: Starter Guide!

    Hey Guys! :p Just got a bit bored and thought I'd write this Starter tips guide for anyone new joining the server or anyone new to skyblock! I know it's been done before but it's always easy to see a new thread when you're new on the forums! Where to begin? Firstly start off by getting yourself...
  7. I

    I want to make a deal

    Dear voodooje0 or Gunfire I was wondering if there is any chance I could buy a permanent Haste 2 on Faction Server for about $10/8.60 EURO. Please let me know if there is any way of doing so...
  8. A

    Money Bug Report

    Hello, so the situation is i started playing last week and i sold my items, now i came back and checked my balance to see around 99 Billion, i did check if this was legit and i bought something from the auction house. i have spent only 2 Billion.I hope this issue gets resolved
  9. Kbot

    Bounty money loss

    First off, I understand what I did was stupid, but I found a glitch while doing it. I logged on a second account and gave it money, and set a bounty on myself. I spent 3 billion dollars on the bounty by using /bounty add (number) and I killed myself with my second account to get the money back...
  10. T

    Gaining Money Guide

    Hello this is my first post hope u enjoy if u have any question u can /w me ingame or post here my ign : Telegram if u are new in server for gaining money first u need a sword after u got sword ask people for a op ender man grinder they will answer u i suggest /is warp secretlars go to ender...
  11. S

    Trade function and auction house

    Hey, I was wondering why I havn't been able to use the "/trade" function? It tells me that I can only use it in survival mode...I'm pretty sure I didn't hack myself into creative. Also, how many AH items are you allowed to have up as a non-donor, and how many at every respective donor rank...
  12. Old_Prophet

    Money Begging

    Personally I find it annoying that people beg for money. And as I am a high ranked player I am asked for money a lot. Sometimes every 2 minutes someone ask me for a million to a couple of hundred million as if it is nothing. Ignoring all those people would be a possibility, but that would leave...
  13. lildicky

    Casino's? (Feelings : Poll)

    Hi there, uh please just ignore my username on this website.. LOL - Anyway, Casino's in classic skyblock has recently caught trend within hours and days. I just wanted to know, how do you guys feel about it? I spent about 3 hours building mine, and I got like 200k within a week or so. So...