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  1. EmirhanTR05

    There are hackers in the game Op Prison

    Hackers are in Pika Network Op Prison Game 17.11.2022 Username : BamboLoser , lratioed , romkas1 , StudentSpotted YouTube Video : View: https://youtu.be/COAz-Ldo8mk
  2. EmirhanTR05

    Hacker Inside Op Prison

    There is a hacker in the game Op Prison Username : goofbye Hacker Video : View: https://youtu.be/BFdm3UsdEvw
  3. S

    OPSkyblock Boss spawn times (please help)

    Hi, I am Scientifreak5. I play a lot of OPSkyblock nowadays. Problem is, I don't know when the bosses spawn. I'm an MBBS student and hence I barely get a lot of time to play on the server nowadays. If somebody would please tell me at what time which boss spawns, I'd be very obliged. No need to...
  4. Ianite_AntSSJB

    Reach Hack Report

    It's our duty as users to make the server a better place for minecrafters.
  5. U

    Unban appeal

    Hello there im uGotL, today my friend ugotlbro got banned 90d ip for "clicker"(his forum dont work). He didnt know to send anydesk code and he rold to ban him. Can he get unbanned or shorted ban?
  6. TheDynamicGamer

    Bedwars Suggestion | Add Invisibility Potion

    I just wanted to make a request to please add the invisibility potion to the bedwars because it's very fun. Make sure to add the footsteps trails so that when we walk with the invisibility potion it shows that a person is invisible. The invisibility potion should be of 30 seconds. It will be fun...
  7. O

    i forgot my password

    pls staff help me i forgot my password to login on the server


    I really think that one of the moderators became one because of the perks, not so much for helping players. A moderator named "DusanVasicCoa" keeps on ignoring my message regarding an issue about scamming. But when a "ranked" player tries to approach him, he responds almost immediately. i think...
  9. WcBrilMetWater18

    Skygod Gone?

    Hello, This is one for the admins, or moderators, i lost my skygod... About 2 years ago i bought skygod on skyblock with the account name WcBrilMetWater18, i played allot, then skyblock ice came, still i had my skygod, but i had to change my username to WcBrilMetWater because i coud not lock my...