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  1. D

    Skywars kit issue

    I purchased an enchanter kit in skywars but after purchasing that kit it is showing that this kit is still locked you need to buy a brainwasher so can anyone please tell me what is brainwasher and where can I buy it?
  2. C

    Question about kits.

    Hi, first thank you for clicking on this thread, now on to the problem. My friend bought a team kit, but when we go in doubles and I try to select it, it says that I do not own it. If you understood my problem please help, if not reply and I will try to explain it better. Thank you anyways.
  3. Arrly

    Flameshot vs. Enderman

    Hello everyone! @Zxga, @Patolunix, and I were wondering what's the best Solo SkyWars kit currently available, excluding donator kits. We concluded that every other kit except flameshot and enderman is pretty bad, so we will be asking you guys a question - which one is better, enderman or...

    Donator Kits. What we paid for and want vs what we're actually getting

    Hi so I was on here two years ago and purchased a SkyPaladin rank which is now SkyLegend and two years ago I was able to use both my kits once every 24 hours. Why was this changed to only once for the kit with keys and ore blocks and once every two days for the regular kit with the armor and...
  5. hijackrusty

    Classic SkyBlock: Starter Guide!

    Hey Guys! :p Just got a bit bored and thought I'd write this Starter tips guide for anyone new joining the server or anyone new to skyblock! I know it's been done before but it's always easy to see a new thread when you're new on the forums! Where to begin? Firstly start off by getting yourself...
  6. Dominicrockz

    Free Kits after reset!.

    I am giving away all my kits for the first couple days after the reset to the player that saves The "Elite" Faction name for me (/f create Elite) !!! Sadly I won't be able to go on after server opens so I need help on this, so kit (coal, iron, gold, diamond,emerald, obsidian, bedrock, and...