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  1. xTrust

    K-PvP Godly Items

    2x - Diamond Delight Parcel 1x- Mistrey Gkit Voucher 1x- Crimson Sparkle Package (it Contains the Following Items) 2x Polar-Crate Keys 2x Godly-Crate Keys 1x Christmas Loot Crate 2x Set of Goodly Armour + Sword + Axe 1x Set Frostweave Armour 1x SubZero Armour 2x Snow Slicer Axe What I Want You...
  2. V


    Dear Pika Staffs I've been playing kitpvp in pika network for 2 years And i dont know why i banned. (CaptainGeoGR and MercuryGFX listen me ) My brother UWasGetRektGG was in internet cafe and he left 3 min. MercuryGFX said= Tell me discord in 5 min. but i have 3 min and discord not...
  3. T


    Theres a glitch in kit pvp where you can pearl out of the world border
  4. V

    Add more levels in kit-pvp??

    I think it's a good idea to add more levels when you kill people in kit-pvp. Right now it's 100 levels, maybe during the next staff meeting, you guys can talk about adding more levels with rewards? Plus adding more levels with more rewards is good for people that they don't have to keep making...
  5. SmashArmsHD

    Major Problem On Kit-Pvp (dont take it too personal)

    Dear Pika Players Howcome, that everyday at 12:00 - 14:30 CET/GMT+1 the only staff member in kit pvp, RobinNijmeijer. I have also seen other staff members online on Kit-PvP but they are mostly AFK at this time the most people play kit-pvp, around 70 people, probably 3/10 of them hack, wich...
  6. SmashArmsHD

    i made a major fail i couldnt undo ao check the thread above

    lock this please
  7. SmashArmsHD

    SmashArms's Introduction :)

    Hello There :D This is my introduction, if you have ever tought; ''hey, who dat guy smash''. Well learn a bit more about me in this thread! My name is Alex, A.K.A SmashArms. I'm 16 Years old, and i live in Holland! I've played pika a good 2,5 years, i've been around a long time here. i...
  8. O

    why i got banned ?

    why i got perma banned for kill aura?
  9. Jauke

    Introduction ~Jauke

    Hey guys my name is Jauke, I'm 16 years old and live in the Netherlands my sleeping schedual is kinda shit so I frequently play past 12 if you haven't seen me online check the kit-pvp lobby I'm a legend donator and love to talk with people. IGN: LoveIsAllWeHave I'm a nice guy I don't like to...