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kill aura

  1. I

    a hacker named Tazer004 has been spotted at our pvp he used killaura and fly hacks to win and dominate

    hes the named Tazer004 for hacking used: killaura, reach,fly hacks he was even toxic in chat of calling us in names such as noob, mf and more
  2. Z

    Hacker please red staff

    Hi, a player on the server called LunarusIRL uses killaura, reach, fly, bjump/bunnyjump and more! The player is most likely to be a hacker, you should ip ban him so he cant join on ny other alt accounts/ other accounts. I will be happy if i can get a comment before or after he has been banned!
  3. sneakingmafia

    Kill aura,throwing snowballs like a deamon and anti knockback

    lordlohan was throwing me with snowballs like a deamon he want getting knockeback when i was hitting him and also he was hitting very fast.(Sorry for the bad english)Send me an email if you will ban him.Thanks
  4. A

    Skywars Hacker

    name: xXGamerBoiiiXx
  5. G

    kill aura

    yakory hacks kill aura i take a screenshot i hate hackers
  6. D

    Using Hack : AEHackNao

  7. A


    Ohhhh i keep getting banned for kill aura when i farm on my grinder please unban me i cant wait to play again.
  8. A

    I got banned (KILL AURA)

    I was just farming on my grinder on op factions then i got banned again for an reason KILL AURA by console i got banned before by kill aura also and i used grinder. I swear i dont use hacks the console banned me 2 times now for farming on my grinder with an reason KILL AURA! Please unban me. my...

    A Temp Kill Aura

    Please Banned LowerGabriel

    Kill Aura

    To Killed Some People