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  1. MystifiedMedal

    I'm MystifiedMedal!

    Hi guys! I'm MystifiedMedal, but you can call me Mysti I'm a 15 year old boy from Asia. I've been on this server for quite a while and I absolutely love it! I am a YouTuber but I will pursue my career as an engineer but maybe business as well. I'm a student currently studying high school...
  2. McFlare

    McFlare Introduction.

    Hello I am McFlare, I play bedwars, skywars, and practice. But my favorite game modes are probably skywars and bedwars. INFO I am from the United States and speak fluent English. I am grinding to one day get on the lifetime leaderboards for skywars.
  3. XapeWhite123

    About me.

    Hello! My ign - XapeWhite123,zlq12 Timezone - GMT+5:30 Main gamemode - PotPvP,Practise,Bedwars and Skywars <3
  4. slayfoxjr7

    Hello There , I am Slayfoxjr7.

    Hello everyone, I am slayfoxjr7 i am a Old Minecraft Player who played minecraft for Over 7 - 8 whole Years, i am Now 17 years old and i do stuff like Coding , Moding things, Helping people in other severs that i am staff on and Chilling with my work and love doing my hobbies . i have been...