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  1. J


    during a Bedwars game i found a hacker blatantly hacking, its just a shame that the server dosen't ban them and bans other useres for using a client but not the hackers. I have attached a proof that the player was hacking you can check it the players ign was TaylorSwif6967 i hope that the...
  2. Otherside

    4 hackers 1 skywars solo game

    What is better than 4 hackers invade you in skywars solo? I think there is nothing better than this. And yes I do reported all 4 of them. :)
  3. M


    How often do you encounter hacker in game i 1 in every 3 I HAVE REPORTED ALL OF THEM i am tired of so many cheater in game what are your views on this? should server do anything to reduce these? comment and tell
  4. mp69420

    bedwars hackers

    hello, just a question: what can be done with the bedwars hackers, they literally break the winstreak. pls help thx. regards, mp69420
  5. I

    Hacker on OpPrsison

    u can clearly see hes hacking
  6. F

    Cheater found in Practice Sumo

    heres the vid link as the file is 2 big *the part where he took kb he toggled it off as he was afk for like 3 secs* Video= View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_YlTQvZ3kw Plz Ban him His ign=Rauhan
  7. M

    PLease ban this man: Ivxnnn_ He is hacking with reach

    pls help me ban him he keeps hacking on people with reach his ign: Ivxnnn_
  8. E

    Player hacking Name: MangeDesPoulpes

    Player MangeDesPoulpes is using kill aura and possibly other various hacks, as when I was fighting him he had his back turned to me and was dropping items on the ground and still hitting me and getting critical hits without jumping. Then when I fought him again sometime later he seems to have...