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  1. TheLastGame

    Duping Glitch

    I am here to talk about the duping glitch, we all know many dupers and hackers are duping items like Gset and weapons... that make hackers so powerfull! i really don't know how they dupe... but we have to patch it before Galactix is Dead.
  2. TheLastGame

    Need reset + Update

    To Anyone... admin or staff or owner we need rest in galactix... u must check this out! there is alot of hackers and dupers and galactix is so dead pls make a update + reset and patch the dupe glitch do somethings newx like: -new spawn -new custom...
  3. R

    How Can I Go To The Nether?

    How can I go to the nether on Galactix Factions. When I build the portal and went in, the screen kept turning, but nothing happend. What can I do?
  4. _TheDarkDragon_

    MysteryMobSpawner - BROKEN!!!

    Hey Guys, I've been playing on the server for the past few weeks on Galactix Factions. I discovered about the mystery mob spawner and a glitch. I opened one and got a mooshroom. I opened another, the same thing. My ally/friend Meme opened 2 and both were creeper spawners. I then opened another...
  5. For3me4eveR

    Fix Iron Golem Spawner .-.

    Im already makin ticket,msgin owner (dutch) When FIX THE IRON GOLEM SPAWNER !! RIP MY 1720000$ 1 ig spanwer = 1m 18 hopper = 720k ------______-------
  6. For3me4eveR

    Iron Golem Spawner not work!!!

    My ig not spawned. This is maybe server bug ? IGN: For3me4eveR Check the F home . i Place ig spawner in /f home Faction Name: DayWalkeRs ill buyed 1 ig and 18 hoppers 1 ig = 1m 18 hoppers = 720k (each for 40k) Fix hurry :C
  7. For3me4eveR

    /bottlexp not work

    /bottlexp not work
  8. iSn0w

    Suggestion - Add 2 Servers

    Hi i have a suggestion for Galactix, make 2 servers so we can choose from those two, one server with 200 players is not good :P cause there are too many packets that causes lag.. this is just a suggestion pls dont hate :D
  9. iSn0w

    Galactix is down?!? - Question

    Sir galactix factions is down... is there any problems? im so hyped to play it right now. But for now its down... When will it be up?