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false ban

  1. lxluthor

    Issues in AntiCheat

    Im not sure that the anticheat is banning hackers or legit mates Because in the past weeks many legit players getting ban by the console. I switched to feather and used inbuilt mods still console banning me As you can see the player count in bedwars also decreased I kindly request to change...
  2. GodSavage

    Here's how to avoid false bans.

    Almost everyone is annoyed of false anticheat bans and kicks. And also everyone is annoyed of getting hacked on. So here's how to avoid false bans and kicks in bedwars: 1. Don't play if your ping is above 350. 2 If someone is lagged and is not moving, don't hit him/or her. 3. Try not to get...
  3. RAK_GAMING_505

    false Ban

    I got a false ban For cheating i can show you my last gameplay if you want Time of ban Does't matter but Its a 'False ban'
  4. Geoglomatics

    Pika Network please fix your anti-cheat

    Bro i was just peacefully playing bedwars with my homies then out of nowhere, i got banned literally for doing nothing. why bruh please fix anticheat.
  5. A

    Got banned Falsely

    I literally just joined the Game still in the glass starting cage and boom got banned by the console. This is getting ridiculous especially after seeing actual hackers on the server and there cheats go through but joining a game gets you banned by the anti cheat
  6. J

    I got banned because i lagged

    Hello i got banned for 7 days because i lagged back 7 times because at that time my wifi was really laggy ign: jeffreyrealms i have video for proof: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYLonRVgnE0
  7. A

    this SERVER

    i love this server, i play on it every day, but now i am banned (FALSE REASON)what should i do?
  8. D

    Banned for internet LAG

    Hey Pika Network. Today I was banned from pika for 1 day because my internet is bad. I was godbridging and started lagging like usual and then was kicked. I figured that I could just rejoin my game, I tried again then was banned for (client modifications) Could you please review this because...
  9. B

    bro i got detected as a fucking bot for no reason

    unban me im not a bot username is grassm or baguettro your anti bot feature sucks
  10. solimon


    Today i just woke up and came online. I go on factions and get kicked for 'client modifications'. This sometimes happens to me if i glitch into a block but i was at spawn so there's no chance of that. I go on again and get a 1 day ban on both my accounts??? Does anybody know why this is...
  11. R

    xINoLimits False Banning

    Hello Staffs Or Anyone else who is gonna see this thread (sorry if my english is bad. its not my first language) , I Was Playing Skywars And Out Of No Where I Got False Banned By xINoLimits And I Was Super Confused Cuz Thats Never Happened To Me B4 So i...
  12. V


    Dear Pika Staffs I've been playing kitpvp in pika network for 2 years And i dont know why i banned. (CaptainGeoGR and MercuryGFX listen me ) My brother UWasGetRektGG was in internet cafe and he left 3 min. MercuryGFX said= Tell me discord in 5 min. but i have 3 min and discord not...
  13. N

    False Banned...

    I just got false banned on "Practice" for Killaura, It was probably because the anti cheat thought I was hacking but my ping was pretty high. I just wanted to play on the server and not get banned on it well, false banned... Fix your anti cheat... Jeez.
  14. xRexy

    im useless

    Sorry for this useless post lol
  15. V

    Console (AutoBan) is banning people that are not Hacking

    Hello, I am the owner of the account with the name VWD. I want to make a ban appeal. I got banned for Speed type B Today, But i was not hacking i was just lagging alot because i have bad internet. I played on this server for over 3 years now and this never happened!
  16. Swasam321

    I got false banned.. Can all people who know me pls say that I don't hack?

    Sup guys... It's me.. Swasam321.. i was playing practice and there was this guy named bast1us or something who was comboing me so my helmet popped.. i used inventory to arrange pots and put on my helm.. matik212 thought I used AutoArmor and banned me.. Can everyone in the chat say : "Swasam321...