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  1. Feme

    What do you think about Discord?

    Hey, So I've never used discord in the past but many of my friends use it. I am thinking of downloading it so what do you guys think? :yaychu:
  2. BusyFire

    do you need to be active for..

    so ahm i was wondering when you apply for YouTube Rank is there a req to be active on both forums and discord because i gotta be honest i never use discord for public servers i just use it for calling and chatting with friends i use the forums a lot id say but discord is like a 1% chance...
  3. Axteroid

    BedWars Discord Server

    Hello, everyone! I recently started a BedWars server on Discord, which is obviously 100% tied to PikaNetwork and its community. Unfortunately, we're now short on members, which is why I'm making this announcement. Here are some of the features we provide on the server: ➜ A place for the BedWars...
  4. yogender123

    hello there its me yogender

    i have reqvest can i be a staff pls
  5. P

    Pika Community Discord Server Ideas

    Greetings PikaCrafters, As many of you know pika is going through a good period if we exclude a few mistakes and some other things that I don't think are either worth it or should be mentioned in this thread as we are not here to rate the server but to support it even more. Many different...
  6. Zefrouz


    hi my ign is Zefrouz and I am lvl 25 in bw(i started playing 3 months ago) DISCORD: 4rch1t#9860 REASON WHY I WANT TO JOIN A GUILD: - I am getting bored of playing normal bedwars and want to join a guild to play ranked or with other guilds. WHY YOU SHOULD ADD ME TO YOUR GUILD: -I can finish...
  7. June22

    Creative not restarting yet

    This message was from JustThiemo, a developer of Pika Network, confirming that they do not plan on resetting creative.
  8. hijackrusty

    Hey guys Hijackrusty here!

    Hey guys! Great to have finally found such a cool, friendly and fun server. Looks like a great community to be apart of and I can't wait to get to know everyone! I'm 18 from London, England, I'm also an ex-MC youtuber of 10K subs(humble brag:ROFLMAO:). Catch me on skyblock and prison servers and...