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  1. mattpcgamer

    When your too good...

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tamefQWkiZw&ab_channel=Mattpcgamer
  2. N

    Lekkerpik69 Banned

    Dear Staff, My best friend "lekkerpik69" is banned because he's name is offensive . If you are from the Netherlands or Belgium you should know lekkerpik is something people say for you are doing good but I know some people form other countries doesn't understand it and just ban people without...
  3. M

    Banned why?

    My Ip has been banned for unknow reason... how can i remove this ban? Thanks
  4. ganq_steve


    @marte11 @mrsofatjr like 1 or 2 days ago.. marte11 and arkozia have been advertising in chat:"join ranked combo, nodebuff to win free priCes" (there's nothing wrong with that) I saw that they said price instead of prize and I was like yeah whatever I don't spell everything right everytime... But...
  5. StoPizza

    Got banned by an Anti Bot - Filter.

    Hey, I'm using 2 alts to afk in my island which is allowed andI got banned in both of them and also on my main which I haven't been AFK on. The usernames that I used to afk with: CristyR OSCR_ And my main which I haven't been even AFK on: StoPizza Thanks, Koren.
  6. M

    I got jailed for no reason.

    Hello, today (23/3/2018) I got jailed for 3 years and 6 months in my account with IGN mikeX0026J. As I have not been hacking or flaming, I would like to know the reason of this jail and please remove me if I was jailed accidentally because I loved playing Factions on Pika.

    Bye, my doods

    Hey, basically I got banned a few months or weeks ago idk I cant recall. Anyways, I got banned because I hacked on the server in the past, and I do deserve the ban. Im making this because I dont really have a proper explanation as to why I've been gone. So, now you know. I dont care if you hate...
  8. T

    I got IP banned because my brother was hacking on a cracked alt

    Ive just came back from a funeral in my home country, and my older brother stayed at home, when i came home i went on my favourite server pika network just to find out i was banned. I thought it was a mistake then i saw him hacking on one of his cracked alts, i got so angry then i sat there...
  9. JankilPlayZ

    unbanned JankilPlayZ

    hey! i got false banned by TheBearKingHD please unbanned me IGN:JankilPlayZ for hacked client but i was not hacking please unbanned me.
  10. Just Me

    Reason ??

    I was baned by dutch my ign [dagode] i know that some of you guys know me cuz i was donator + . Then dagode why tha fuk sake why did you put this hacked armor on you ?? Yep yep shit hapend . I made mistake i know i should listen to my friends . So it was on one sunny day ... It was on...
  11. K


    Hi I am k4oSs_GamIng from your server. i am a donator on op factions someone stole my password and skittlez banned me, i haven't played for a long time and now that i came back home i tried to login and i saw i am banned You can even check from the ip banned that it wasn't me playing. I live in...