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  1. T

    Ban Appeal

    My lastest account KingSkelly80 got banned because of lag. its a premiun account lol the ping spiked when i joined a bedwars game and i got banned for a week
  2. D

    ban appeal

    Hey so i got banned for swearing/sexual content here is proof i sweared View: https://imgur.com/mxyiJa1 but i was just trying to help other pepole since one person was talking bad about islam it is my relegion aswell he was talking abt prophet muhamed and allah but i was genualy just trying to...
  3. H

    Ban Appeal

    a player known as DangerSpear came to my island without bridging he did not have an ender pearl checked using replay viewer
  4. B

    ban appeal

    Hello! I got falsely banned on kitpvp for 'using hacks'. But the truth is the server was lagging badly and i bow boosted then i got banned. ign: bozos
  5. Core_OP

    Ban appeal

    I was banned cuz i wass lagging.
  6. H

    false banned

    today my wifi was laggy and i got kicked once and after sometime i got banned for 7 days this is the second time this happened to me last time my account hgamer123 got banned for the same issues
  7. H

    ban appeal

    my computer just lagged and when I logged in after getting kicked it showed that I was banned for 7 days. please unban me I also get kicked a lot saying that I use bedwars client modifications when in reality my network sometimes just lags out.
  8. H

    got accused for hacking

    i was just playing bedwars last night, when i woke up it said i got banned for killaura and idek what that is. idk how i got banned but some guy named TryHardMarktin reported me. i dont recall getting better at bedwars but i tend to lag a lot but either way, i dont know how i got banned so fast...