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anti bot filter

  1. B

    why am i still not unbanned?

    i recently made an appeal to unban me (stupid anti bot filter) it got accepted but i wasn't unbanned from the server??? (mc server)
  2. Pikaaaa

    I got anti bot filter with no reason

    Im just playing then i got disconnect and when i restart i got anti bot filter i know this just error on bot plz fix this... Nick: PikaPikaYT plz fix this i want to play bedwars and some games but i cant cause of this :<
  3. M

    I just got banned

    The anti bot filter has banned me for no reason. This is mistake. Unban me pls. nick Mister_Notch
  4. P

    Anti Bot Filter.

    Hello, I had just got on Minecraft and I was gonna play some Bedwars with my friend, when I was joining the server I got this message. Please, I did nothing and I really enjoy this server. https://gyazo.com/2084bdf8e24b313615e253094049ba63