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  1. BlaixenU

    Is using a new account with a different name allowed if it's a cracked to premium upgrade?

    Hi, I want to know whether it is allowed to use a new acc with a new name in the context of getting premium minecraft as a previously cracked player. Since there isn't an account transfer system I'm aware of, I want to be sure of this if I ever do get premium. also i wanna know if the answers...
  2. P

    Closed Account Deletion

    I would like to delete my forum account. Reason: Private Thanks for your time!
  3. S

    Closed Delete Account

    I want my account deleted according to GDPR
  4. MCPlayer

    Unregister Account

    I didn't know where to post this thread so sorry if it's the wrong place. Not a long time ago I switched from cracked to premium minecraft, i bought the game. The problem is I already have some accounts on Pika which I can't join with because I changed my username for premium. I still want to...
  5. C

    How do I recover my account?

    I played in this network of servers but I stopped. In these last days I tried to enter again in this server but, I can not remember my password, I think it was hacked, tried everything, it has no registered email, none of the types of password I used or use work. Could you help me recover it...
  6. Old_Prophet

    IMPORTANT invitations to join servers READ THIS

    Lately we have come across several reports of people that tell us that their accounts have been hacked, right after they have been joining servers that they were invited to by other players. There are several reasons we do not allow the mention of server names and ip addresses. That we do not...
  7. MCPlayer

    I have a question

    Can you delete or deregister an accont in the server?(not the forum accout) If yes... how do it do it?
  8. MCPlayer

    I have a question

    Does anyone know if you can delete or deregister an account(in minecraft, not in the forum)? If yes, how do i do it? I thank you in advance.
  9. aopap

    help me with my lost account !

    so it's my friend's account he is what was called a donator ++ which is a warlock now on survival his name is cade469316 he give the account to me long ago {he moved into another server} and i don't know the password anymore the oldest password was 469316 then i changed that to BEcade the only...
  10. Shanan

    Before Buying a Legit Account.

    So I want to buy a legit premium account now after using using a cracked account for so long time. But I don't want to loose my current my progress on my account. So is it possible in a way that, if I use the same IGN as now, will the premium account be linked with the cracked one? Will I still...