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Important Global Rules Explanations

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Feb 22, 2016
Global Rules Explanations

Account trading

Trading and attempting to trade accounts.

Sharing IP addresses of other Minecraft servers. Phrases such as 'message me to join an SMP' are covered by this rule.

Ban evasion
Playing on the server while another account of you is IP-banned.

Demanding an item/gift card/third-party-service from someone in order for you to not perform certain action that could either compromise their gameplay experience, or your account's safety. Threatening to report someone for breaking the rules is not covered by this rule.

  • Constantly joining a player's game in a server and targeting that specific player and asking for something in return in order to stop doing so.
  • Someone asks you to purchase a Discord Nitro membership in order for them not to steal items from your in-game account (applies when the user blackmailing you has your password).
Purchasing something from the store and then returning the payment or opening a PayPal dispute.

Cheating and illegal modifications
Using illegal modifications (click HERE for more information), ghost/hacked clients, autoclickers, macros and any other clients/mods that give you an advantage over other players. Using the Minecraft 1.15 keybind auto-clicking option and putting an item on your mouse while playing are covered by this rule.

Cyber/DDoS threats and wishes
Cyber/DDoS threats and wishes against/for anyone and anything.

Being homophobic, racist or offensive towards religions, nations and races.

Death threats and wishes
Wishing people to severely harm or kill themselves and threatening people to severely harm or kill them. Abbreviations as 'kys' are covered by this rule.

Doxing (including threats)
Sharing very personal or private information of other players and threatening to do so.

Using some sort of exploit in order to duplicate items or money or any similar behaviour.

Encouraging breaking the rules
Encouraging other players to do something against the rules.

Abusing bugs and glitches that give you an advantage over other players (click HERE to make a bug report instead).

Falsifying evidence
Using forged evidence in order to obtain something which you are not entitled to, getting someone punished for something they have not done or anything related.

Forbidden links
Sending links to hacked clients or websites that could be an IP logger or download malware. Unknown, unclarified and suspicious links are covered by this rule.

Foreign language (in public chat)
Speaking in a non-English language in public chat.

Illegal items
Owning items you are not supposed to have or items that are not obtainable in a legit way. Examples are command blocks and overpowered potions.

Illegal trapping methods
Locking up other players in portals or using teleport commands to teleport other players to you in order to kill or trap them.

Inappropriate capes and skins
Capes and skins that contain discriminatory, sexual, swearing or any other type of inappropriate content.

Inappropriate content (outside the chat)
Additional ways (outside the chat) to display discriminatory, sexual, swearing or any other type of inappropriate content.
  • Builds
  • Group (clan, faction, gang and team) names
  • Group (clan, faction, gang and team) descriptions
  • Item names
  • Nicknames
Inappropriate usernames
Usernames that contain discriminatory, sexual, swearing or any other type of inappropriate content.

Lag machines
Building machines with the intention to cause server lag.

Media advertising
Advertising social media accounts or sending links to YouTube videos or channels that are not related to PikaNetwork. News, songs, Discord tags and any other 'random' videos are not included in this rule. Discord servers are not included either as long as they are related to PikaNetwork and its community.

Mute evasion
Using the chat to communicate with other players while another account of you is IP-muted.

Negative behaviour
Being negative and rude towards other players or staff members in any way.

Negative use of disabilities and diseases
Using disabilities and diseases in a negative way or context.

Real money trading
Trading real life money or attempting to do so.

Sexual content
Sharing sexual related content and describing sexual related actions. Mentioning genitals and words as 'MILF' are covered by this rule.

Spamming and flooding
Sending messages as 'HHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO' that flood the chat and constantly sending the same or similar message with the intention to flood the chat.

Staff impersonating
Pretending to be a staff member. Examples are claiming to have ban permissions or pretending you are an alt account of a staff member.

Using swear words.

Teaming with cheaters
Intentionally teaming with cheaters.
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