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Important (OP) Factions Rules Explanations

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Feb 22, 2016
(OP) Factions Rules Explanations

In this thread, you will find an explanation of every (OP) Factions-specific rule. Breaking these rules in most cases will result in faction punishments (strikes). Each amount of strikes results in a different faction punishment. Note that even inactive strikes count to the faction disqualification when reaching 10 strikes.

Strike punishments
  • 2 Strikes - 24 hours /f raid ban
  • 3 Strikes - 10% value reduction
  • 4 Strikes - 2 days no /f shield
  • 5 Strikes - 48 hours /f raid ban
  • 6 Strikes - 20% value reduction
  • 7 Strikes - 4 days no /f shield
  • 8 Strikes - 30% value reduction
  • 10 Strikes - Disqualification from Factions Top
    (+ 31 days ban for the faction leader)
Team Factions
Team Factions is a team which handles (OP) Factions reports and hands out punishments. The team is ran by experienced staff members who played (OP) Factions in the past, so they have high knowledge of the game mode. Feel free to contact one of the Team Factions members in case you have any questions about (OP) Factions. You can see who is part of it by checking the roles of staff on our Discord server.

Common terms
  • Base box - A cube in the middle of a faction's base that stores value boxes and other important components of the base
  • Buffer - The number of claims around your base, measured from the exterior wall of your base outwards
  • Buffer counter - A counter cannon used to protect your base, placed in a chunk within your buffer
  • Cannon - A structure used to shoot TNT at an enemy faction's base and raid them
  • Chunk - A 16x16 area ranging from the top to the bottom of the world, used as a measurement for faction claims (1 claim = 1 chunk)
  • Counter cannon - A cannon used to destroy an enemy faction's cannon that is aimed at your base
  • Faction shield - A 16-hour time interval within the day in which no one can explode blocks within your claims, set using /f shield
  • Grace period - First week of the map when all explosions (TNT and creeper eggs) are disabled and factions build their bases
  • Ocean - A 1-chunk/16-block (in width) long area filled with source blocks of water with the purpose of letting your faction members patch more efficiently in it
  • Patching - Constantly placing obsidian blocks in order to catch an enemy cannon's shots so they do not destroy your walls (and raid you in the end)
  • Raid box - A cube in which a cannon is located while raiding
  • Raid timer - An on/off raiding stopwatch which gets activated whenever someone shoots TNT into another faction's claim and alternates between the raiding and a 20-minute grace period (once the raiding period expires) which can be used by the attacked faction to fix their base
Base Rules

Claim hindering

Claiming around (next to/near) someone else's claim to prevent them from expanding is not allowed. This rule only applies during the grace period (the first week of the map).

Buffer limit
A 20-chunk buffer means you are allowed to have a maximum of 20 chunks claimed from the exterior base wall. In those 20 chunks, you can have a maximum of 160 walls. The maximum base size allowed is 10x10 chunks. You are not allowed to have a larger buffer under any circumstances.

Raid detectors (bots)
Raid detectors are bots that are online all the time and check walls for you. They get triggered when an enemy is nearby, there is falling gravel/sand or an explosion happens within a certain radius of them. This also means that having accounts AFK at the end of your buffer or in the middle of it is disallowed. You are expected to move around every few minutes and not stand completely still while being on your buffer; otherwise, you may be considered AFK even when you are not.

Putting lines of pillars in front of your base
Putting any sort of pillars in front of your base is disallowed. We do not punish for 1 random pillar, but multiple pillars with the purpose of adding additional protection are not allowed.

Anti-nuke walls/finnsters
Anti-nuke walls are a way of protection so your walls don't get fully nuked (destroyed) down to the bedrock. You are allowed to have only 1 chunk of anti-nuke walls. You can see how they look by clicking HERE.

Illegal spawner placement
You are not allowed to enclose your spawners with any sort of block which can't be destroyed by a creeper egg. It also means you are not allowed to place them where they are next to a block with high durability. They must have at least 3 sides open and those 3 sides must be at least 3 blocks away from the high durability block. This rule also covers spawner placement inside reverse layers which is not allowed either. An exception to this rule is when the spawners can be broken with a creeper egg after the base is breached regardless of the blocks surrounding it. This is purely at the staff's discretion.

Buffer counter limit
You are not allowed to have more than 2 buffer counters per side of your base. Buffer counters are counters which can be found in chunks that protect your base. This means if you have a corner base, you can have 2 counters facing one direction and 2 facing the other direction (example: 2 facing south and 2 facing east, depending on which corner your base is located in).

Buffer counter walls limit
Buffer counters have a wall limit of 4 chunks which means you are not allowed to have more than 4 chunks (which equals to 32 normal single walls) of defences on your buffer counters. You are also not allowed to have anti-nuke walls/finnsters on buffer counter walls.

Ocean limit
You are not allowed to have more than 1 chunk of ocean (16 blocks) in width in your base buffer. Having multiple chunks of ocean in width is not allowed and will get you punished.

Watering spawners
You are not allowed to place water or lava around your spawners to make them un-ceggable. If you do it, a staff member is allowed to remove your water unless you do so yourself. As a punishment, you will receive strikes and will have to remove the water/lava you placed.

Base box limit
You are allowed to have a maximum of 3 value boxes in total. This means all of your value must be inside those 3 boxes. The box with /f home and blazes will not count as a value box (as long as there isn't any other spawner in there except for blazes, cows and similar). Creeper grinders (for TNT) do not count as a value box but if you place one of the value spawners there, it will count as a value box as well. Spawners we consider value spawners are iron golems, zombie pigmen, villagers and silverfishes. All spawners contribute to /f top, but these ones are counted as main value spawners which must be placed in value boxes. Note that splitting a value box with a wall will make it count as 2 value boxes.

Raiding Rules

Raiding without using raid claims

Raiding without using raid claims is not allowed. This also means you are not allowed to make a cannon in normal claims and raid claim it later. To raid claim, type /f raid claim in the chat. That automatically claims the maximum allowed amount of raid claims, which is 15x15 chunks (if it claims more for any reason, it is your responsibility to reduce it). If you wish to make a smaller raid claim, do /f raid claim [radius]. Examples:
  • /f raid claim radius 2 - Claims a 3x3 raid claim area (minimum)
  • /f raid claim radius 8 - Claims a 15x15 raid claim area (maximum)
If you wish to test cannons, you must use raid claims too. All cannons must be in raid claims. The only exceptions are buffer counters which are in normal claims and side counters which must be in side counter claims.

Raid interfering
Raid interfering means you are not allowed to raid someone at the same time as other factions (neither are you allowed to leech off someone's raid meaning you are not allowed to take stuff when they breach the faction's base). It also means you are not allowed to help a faction which is raiding or getting raided, neither are you allowed to help them with the raid. This also includes fighting (PvP-ing) at a base where there is an ongoing raid. You are also not allowed to leave your faction and join someone else to raid with them (or defend when they are getting raided) as it still counts as raid interfering. However, you are allowed to spectate a raid.

Wilderness patching
You are not allowed to patch outside of your claims (outside of your buffer). You are not allowed to pre-patch directly in front of the cannon raiding you. If you claim the land and still patch there, you will get punished. Patching outside the 6 chunks of walls of your buffer counter falls under this rule as well.

Printer, gen bucket and sand bot patching
You are neither allowed to patch with a schematica printer nor with /printer. You are prohibited from using gen buckets to patch when someone is raiding you and you are forbidden from using sand bots to patch for you. You are allowed to generate walls when the raid timer is over and you have entered a grace period.

Mining/creeper egging spawners while being raided
Destroying your spawners to prevent raiders from getting them while getting raided is not allowed. This includes mining spawners, destroying spawners with TNT or creeper eggs and chunk busting your spawners.

Cannon TNT limit/illegal cannons
Cannon TNT limit means the amount of TNT being dispensed when the cannon shoots. The maximum allowed amount is 3500 TNT per shot. Here is a list of illegal cannons:
  • Rev Nukes
  • Push Nukes
  • U-Fusions
  • Horizontal Pseudos
  • Horizontal Nukes
  • Multiple Wall One Shots
  • Mid Airs
  • Corner Nukes
  • Wall Removers
  • Left/Right Shooting
  • Worms
  • Any cannon faster than 3 seconds (exception: cannons which shoot below Y = 10)
If you have any doubts about a cannon being allowed or disallowed, feel free to ask a member of Team Factions.

Shooting multiple counters at once
You are not allowed to shoot with more than one counter at a time (for example, you are not allowed to shoot with a buffer and a side counter at the same time).

Barrel claim violations
If your cannon barrel goes outside of your raid claim, you must claim it using /f barrel claim. You can claim up to 12 chunks with barrel claims (you will be punished if you exceed this limit). Barrel claims show on /f map in yellow while raid claims show in gold. Barrel claims are only used when a barrel goes outside a raid claim, meaning your barrel can also be claimed with raid claims only (as long as you do not exceed the maximum allowed amount of raid claims).

Raid box claims more than 15x15 chunks (including walls)
The maximum size of raid claims you are allowed to have is 15x15 chunks. Cannons and defences (walls) must be in raid claims. If you do not know how to make a raid claim, see the 'raiding without using raid claims' rule.

Countering from behind
You are not allowed to counter someone's raid box/cannon from behind. If someone is shooting towards your base (example: south), you are not allowed to make a counter behind them and shoot towards the direction where your base is.

Multiple cannons in a cannon box/claim
You are not allowed to have more than 1 cannon in a cannon box or in a cannon claim. The same goes for counter cannons and their claims. This does not include fully destroyed cannons, but it can include partially destroyed ones. If you want to be sure that you are safe, destroy everything related to cannons in your raid claim. This rule also forbids having multiple cannon boxes in the same cannon claim.

Overstacker limit
You are not allowed to use overstacker cannons which overstack more than 6 blocks.

Abusing raid timer
You are not allowed to trigger a raid timer on your own faction by shooting at it with the main or alt faction. You are not allowed to trigger someone else's raid timer with no intention to actually raid them. This also includes shooting with a weak cannon to keep up the raid timer while you are raiding/preparing to raid with another cannon. This rule also includes other forms of raid timer abuse which may not be listed here, so ask a Team Factions staff member if you are doubting whether something is allowed or not.

Raid box defences
You are not allowed to have more than 3 chunks of walls (24 walls) per side of your raidbox. You are also not allowed to use finnsters/anti-nuke walls on your raid box.

Counter cannon claim limit
You are not allowed to claim a bigger counter cannon claim than 5x5 chunks (1 chunk is 16x16 blocks). To claim counter cannon claims, type /f raid counter which will automatically claim the maximum allowed claim (5x5 chunks).

Side countering without using side counter claims
You are not allowed to side counter without using side counter claims. To claim a counter cannon claim, use /f raid counter.

Raiding with counter cannon claims
You are not allowed to use counter cannon claims to raid.

General Rules

Faction-wide cheating

If you have 3 or more players from your faction banned for cheating-related offences, ban evasions of cheating-related bans or ban evasions of screen share bans, you will get punished. Kicking the players will not help as you will still get punished.

More than 1 corner
Having more than 1 corner claimed with your main faction or with alts in an alt faction is not allowed. This also covers other faction members having an alt faction which claims another corner. Both factions get punished and you need to unclaim one corner. This rule applies throughout the entire season.

Abusing faction shield
You are not allowed to extend your shield time with alternate factions (having more than a 16-hour shield). You are not allowed to abuse a shield for raiding either (normal claims with a shield will get you punished both for raiding with no raid claims and abusing a shield). This rule also forbids using your faction shield maliciously to protect or harm other factions, even when they are not your alternate factions.

Cooperative faction spam
Spamming the chat as a faction and making it unreadable will result in a faction punishment instead of a standard warn/mute. This means if there are 6+ faction members sending the same message in the public chat with the goal of spamming/flooding, they get punished as a faction. An exception to this is when the entire server is typing 'L', 'LOL' or similar when someone gets raided/banned/struck/etc.

Economy script
Using any form of modification to automatically grind resources for the faction. Includes alt accounts and factions.

Tracker bots
Tracker bots are bots which are automated to track vanished staff. You are not allowed to use them.

Server abuse
Crashing the server, exploiting bugs and similar. Even if one person from your faction does it, the entire faction may get affected. This can (in extreme cases) lead to disqualification. The rule also covers doing things that you are not supposed to do which disrupt the experience of other players or trying to find loopholes around OP Factions' features and/or limitations. Contact a staff member if you are uncertain about whether something falls under this rule or not.

Sharing value
Sharing value among factions is not allowed. This means you are not allowed to boost other factions with money/spawners in order for them to achieve a Factions Top place or similar. Doing so will result in a direct disqualification for both factions from the Factions Top competition.

Strike evasion
Evading strikes by making a new faction will get you disqualified from the Factions Top competition.

Raiding while being raid banned
You are not allowed to raid while being raid banned. This means you are not allowed to leave your faction, make a new faction and raid. You are not allowed to use alts to raid if you are raid banned on your main account and neither are you allowed to join other factions to raid with them.

Betraying your faction is not allowed. Under this rule falls giving away your faction base's coordinates, stealing money/XP/spawners, helping other factions raid you and anything similar.


Payout eligibility requirements

  • You must have made a competing faction submission.
  • Your spawners must be placed in a base claim (/f setbase).
  • The base claim must be at least 3x3 chunks in size.
  • Your base must have at least 10 walls.
  • Your faction must be at least 2 weeks old (does not apply to the first bi-weekly payout).
  • You cannot have any value spawners (iron golems, zombie pigmen, villagers and silverfishes) placed below Y = 190.
  • All of these rules apply to raiding bandit bases too.
  • If you are interested in knowing who from your faction broke a rule (and are the leader of the faction), DM a Team Factions member on Discord.
  • Include /f show of the faction/player you are reporting in your player reports. Otherwise, your report might get denied.
  • Not knowing the rules is considered ignorance on your part and you will suffer the consequences regardless.
  • The faction leader is responsible for the actions of their members. If one of them breaks the rules, the entire faction gets punished.
  • We do not show evidence of strikes to players on request.
  • You can report people who break these rules HERE with valid video evidence.
If you have any questions, please contact a member of Team Factions.

Credits to iq420 for writing the original version of this thread.
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