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Important Allowed & Disallowed Modifications

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Feb 22, 2016
PikaNetwork Allowed and Disallowed Modifications - Marc.png

A modification is considered anything that modifies vanilla gameplay either through adding Minecraft mods or texture packs, directly modifying the client or otherwise affecting your software or hardware. This thread covers everything you need to know to ensure you can safely use allowed modifications to improve your gameplay without fearing breaking the rules. Note that this thread may be modified at any time and that PikaNetwork does not endorse any of the listed modifications.

Allowed Modifications

Modifications which cannot provide an unfair advantage are allowed on the network. That being said, it is not entirely obvious whether some modifications can or cannot provide an unfair advantage, so it is highly recommended to review this thread from start to finish to ensure you are not misinterpreting any modifications. Below are listed some examples of allowed modifications:
  • Aesthetic modifications. These modifications only modify the appearance of your game without providing you with any sort of advantage. Modifications which alter the transparency of any blocks do not fall under this category and are disallowed. Brightness-adjusting modifications are allowed.
  • Chat macros. These modifications send chat messages at the press of a button or otherwise automate sending chat messages. This is the only allowed type of macro.
  • Cosmetic display modifications. These modifications provide information in a more accessible way (for example, by showing your armour's durability on your screen so you do not have to check it by opening your inventory). This category also covers modifications which show the health or armour durability of other players. These may not work on all game modes, which is intended.
  • Performance-improving modifications. These modifications seek to improve your client's performance (frames per second) without otherwise altering your gameplay. Optifine is the most common example here.
  • Recording modifications. These modifications record your gameplay for you. A common example is the Replay Mod.
Clients containing only allowed modifications are permitted. Some examples of approved clients and mods, which you can freely use on the server, are listed below.
5zig Mod
Armour Status HUD
Auto Text Hotkey
Batty’s Coordinates
Better FPS Mod
Cheat Breaker
Chroma HUD
Crosshair Mod
Damage Indicators
Direction HUD
Free Look Mod
Heart Indicators
In-Game Account Switcher
Key Mod
KiLO Air
Nick Hiders
Player API Mod
Reach Circle Mod
Realistic Movement
Replay Mod
Shaders Mod
Status Effect HUD
Tabby Chat
Toggle Sneak
Toggle Sprint

Disallowed Modifications

Any modification which provides an unfair advantage is against the rules. Owning a modification which has disallowed features may get you banned. This applies even if you are not actively using any of said features. That being said, below are some common misconceptions and types of disallowed modifications:
  • Automations and gameplay macros. Any modification which automates non-chat actions is against the rules. This includes modifications which click for you, assist your clicking (excluding modifying debounce time, which is allowed) and similar. Some common modifications which fall under this category are various auto-clickers, X-Mouse Button Control, using Minecraft glitches (such as the F11 glitch) or physical objects to perform actions while you are not on your keyboard and changing your Minecraft controls/keybinds to perform actions automatically.
  • Hacked and ghost clients. These clients have features (such as extended reach, modified knockback, etc.) which offer an unfair advantage over others. Such features are disallowed on their own; not only while in a client.
  • Minimaps with entities. If a minimap shows anything other than blocks (such as players or mobs), it is disallowed.
  • X-Ray mods and texture packs. These modifications alter the transparency of blocks or entities.
The categories above and the lists below are not exhaustive. However, you can click on the following spoiler for some examples of disallowed modifications to ensure you are not using any of them.
Alt Loader Mod
BetterPvP Mod
BreakCraft Mod
Crash Client
Fast Bridge Mod
Hit Delay Fix
Entity / Player Radars
Interface+ Mod
Inventory Tweaks
No Hit Delay
Rei's Minimap
'Scroll clicking'
Smart Moving Mod
Voxel Minimap
WeepCraft Mod
World Downloader Mod
X-Mouse Button Control
X-Ray texture packs
Zyin's HUD

  • Any modification not listed here is purely a 'use at your own risk'. If you are unsure whether a certain modification is allowed, it is best not to use it.
  • Modifying your flying speed is considered an unfair advantage and is disallowed. This covers any Fly Boost mods.
  • Player reports submitted with a Nick Hider are considered invalid due to security precautions.
  • The Printer module of the Schematica mod, used for automatically pasting builds, is only allowed on Factions and OP Factions. It is disallowed elsewhere.
  • Using bot accounts on the server is allowed only if the bots do not cause any issues. They may not spam the chat, cause lag or similar.
  • Using disallowed modifications built into approved clients is forbidden. The most common example of this is Fly Boost.
We hope that this thread has helped you better understand which modifications you may or may not use on the server. Have fun playing!
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