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  • I'm already beginning to hate your server. Today, when I played a war on your server bed and set me a 24-hour ban, I did not use a hack or something like that. Please fix your server or whatever it is to prevent such things happening.
    why i cant join in practice its shows internet exception
    Why I cannot break block in rank a?
    yea rank free or others sends them mony so they can start mining iam helpped them so much
    hola buenas tardes o noches me banearon x supuesto autoclick cuando el hacker es el otro me baneo (
    hola buenas tardes o noches me banearon x suouesto autoclick cuando el hacker es el otro me baneo Mrfatsojr
    can you help me aut form some one is skyblock i got trappe in nether portal
    my discord is:yuda1232#1222
    add me and we can talk
    hello i got banned for hacks when i didn't hack it thinks i have aim bot but I'm just really good at bow and arrow please fix this this my favorite sever
    I used to have another account (i have about 4 i think on the server) that i played with in Prison.I have forgotten the name of the account so i was told that an admin could send me the names of my accounts based on my ip.
    I beg your unban and I'm banned from the 24h kill aura I promise I will not use it anymore
    hi i got baned like 10 mins ago for hacks but i am telling you, you scan my conputer and there is not a single hack on it. Funny thing is i got banned by console on bedwars just like my cousin did 2 times already with an ip ban for a day so i suggest you fix your console. Thank you
    Hello!How can i report a player for swearing at me
    thank you
    Always, state your problem. (:
    Still staff i see ;)
    hi admin please can i be white listed cuzz i didn't break any rules or tried hacking the server so why am i detected from the anti bot filter plz tell me now if you can plz
    hi admin TGamerYT_ says foul words and he is hacker in kit pvp
    how many times I get dinied for a trail im so mad its just a trail men
    As many times as I deem necessary, because you do not fit our criteria for staff. ;)
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