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  1. tozztozzo

    Update OpLifesteal - Release | March The 3rd 2023

    Since you have not added the features that players were asking for to the existing game mode, I would like to suggest that in-game ranks will be connected to both servers. Players who have bought a rank in the current game mode should not be forced to purchase a new rank because you decided to...
  2. tozztozzo

    Zombie Heads In BM

    This bug with the mob heads in the blackmarket was supposed to be fixed, but I guess it isn't. I will report this to the developers to hopefully get it fixed again.
  3. tozztozzo

    Keys disappears in crate box

    Hey, You will not be able to get any keys refunded. It is also weird how the screenshot of no keys inside the crate was taken on a different day. If you keep having problems, you should only vote while you are online.
  4. tozztozzo

    Denied Survival Fix Duping without Rerolls!

    Do you even play survival? Spawners are not obtainable and banknotes have unique ids.
  5. tozztozzo

    Denied Survival Fix Duping without Rerolls!

    Keys are virtual, and all vouchers have unique ids, so they cannot be redeemed if duped. A rollback is not the correct solution.
  6. tozztozzo

    what's missing?

    what's missing?
  7. tozztozzo

    Denied Survival We need plugins that will prevent people from duping.

    Rollbacks should never have happened in Survival. If the developers actually tested the server before the release, we wouldn't have had these problems. Vouchers have unique ids, so anything else duped is not a big deal compared to the number of hours spent building and grinding that we lose due...
  8. tozztozzo

    Gravestones not working.

    Gravestones have an expiry time, so you might not have got to it in time.
  9. tozztozzo

    Denied Survival remove playerwarp weekly paying

    Playerwarps are not supposed to be easy to get, they are more of a donator perk. The price is very reasonable. The blackmarket had a lot of changes which makes it easier to earn money frequently. If you don’t want to pay it, you can delete the warp and create it again, as you get the token...
  10. tozztozzo

    Level 38

    A lot of mobs don't spawn right now, which includes squids. You will need to wait until they fix the spawning issues.
  11. tozztozzo

    Denied Lifesteal please increase the players capacity of lifesteal i was in queue for 1hour :(

    Hey, The server is offline, and the number of players shown is a bug. No one can join at this moment.
  12. tozztozzo

    OP Prison Allow Reroll Tokens to be Toggleable on Opp

    The chance is broken and will be lowered by 99%, so you’ll only earn 1 re-roll every few minutes.
  13. tozztozzo

    Pet boost

    The pet boosts randomly on any earned tokens, so it can't be controlled or improved much. You will always find low token amounts while mining, which can't be prevented. The only thing you can do is to get a legendary pet and try to level it up as much as you can so it boosts more often.
  14. tozztozzo

    Pet boost

    Yes, you earned 3.5 Tokens extra.
  15. tozztozzo

    Op Rankup

    Your A-Z rank was upgraded. It is not a donator rank.