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Recent content by thekbwithnodude

  1. thekbwithnodude

    Denied BedWars Fix Fireball Curve

    Minecraft Username: thekbwithnodude Suggestion: Fix Fireball Curve Detailed description: Whenever you throw a fireball very far, it doesn't go straight. It curves in the air and misses the target. And it is not the fault of aim. Even with a correct aim, the target doesn't get hit because...
  2. thekbwithnodude

    Accepted BedWars Fireball

    +1 This is a good suggestion. Sometimes, I also left-click my mouse which results in the fireball being thrown. Would be good if they only limited it to right-click.
  3. thekbwithnodude

    You are pro :D

    You are pro :D
  4. thekbwithnodude

    How/Where did you find PikaNetwork?

    My friend showed me this server after I got banned on Hypixel because didn't have a good server to play in (except BlocksMC, but it lagged as sh*t)
  5. thekbwithnodude

    I am pog

    I am pog
  6. thekbwithnodude

    Suggestion: Add The Bridge to Pika

    Oh ok, I wasn't aware. Thanks for letting me know :)
  7. thekbwithnodude

    Suggestion: Add The Bridge to Pika

    I don't know if others have suggested this or not (many may have), but I think adding The Bridge to Pika would be a great addition to the server's list of minigames. If anyone wants to play The Bridge, they would just go to servers like BlocksMC, which actually reduces Pika players. That is...
  8. thekbwithnodude

    Hi, I'm TheKbWithNoDude!

    Hey!!!! The name's TheKbWithNoDude, you guys can call me "KB". I'm a Minecraft player, and developer (mostly programming in Python and JavaScript). I have been playing Minecraft for the last 6 years, mostly interested in Redstone, and survival. But since last year, I have been very interested...