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  • Good day. I'm on your server called zozonac. A few days ago I was kicked out forever from the server you kicked me out. I'm not a hacker. I was thrown out of the server several times in 24 hours and did not write dad, but please return me to the server. Thanks in advance.
    (I live in Serbia and I have barely made this up to you, please do not make my effort futile, and I hope that they will bring me back to the server
    plz plz me not hacker
    Plz plz im not hacker*
    pla way ? no accept plz sory me not hacker way plz plz
    plz go accept I have appeal ok
    plz me not hacker I have goooood island plz who ???????????????????????????????????
    Feel free to make a ban appeal.
    plz Repond me
    way ??? ban me me not hacker plz give me Unban
    hello could you please unban me because i dropped of my island and wrote /is
    you dont take any damage when you do that
    so it wasn´t nofall
    ing: EinzigartigerJan
    he ban me and me I have good island go to /is warp lou
    I got a false ban please unban!
    This is a big mistake got banned for advertising, There was a player advertising on Pika-Network, when I said whats the ip of the server I get banned can I please get unbanned.
    I know my mistake please urban me I just joined the server yesterday. Thanks for understanding.
    Can you unban me please I swear I didnt hack and I didnt got any damage by typing /is please I swear
    Will try to get you unbanned asap.
    This is a small mistake you lock me one day okay? plz
    I apologize for my wrongdoing and I pledge not to relapse again! please
    Actually I'm asking you to unlock me once I will not abuse it
    I honestly play this sever from 2016 and this is the second time I was banned for the first time because I lag so when hit it did not throw out so was banned and now you are with a reason not worth
    Because I see others doing the same, so I do! If you have a ban, you should always ban _smash because he is the first and I see and follow!
    I am tupro19988s looking for you to look into me because the day I was barred warning that I did not hack it to me very inhibited and now you
    You weren't banned for hacking. I banned you for abusing a glitch.
    You watch the video and make me look like you try the ender right click on the corner and press the jump button and this is the video
    this mrfatsojr why you banned me again while i did not hack i'm tupro19988s!
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