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  • hey i won one rename command and isnt working ;-; is in the opfac1 plz help me
    Well..... Hi
    @IExZoMA All of these accounts is banned for hacking. You're not getting unbanned
    (ur probably annoyed by the "i didnt hack xddd") (and lel if i get unbanned id cry like heck)
    WHAT i didnt autoclick, i wasn't holding my left click mouse, heck i dont even have macros! The ban was false. DENIED.
    Left clicking without stopping is not jitter clicking.
    i didnt hold my mouse, its probably the anticheat, i promise i didnt have hacks on! "Left clicking without stopping" you dont have any proof! I am not hacking, and i was only doing like 9 cps! And i didn't even had good aim!
    Thank you if like you to respond with your decision.
    Please Unban me there is no proof that I did anything wrong. If there is please help me understand what.
    I swear to god man I’m not hacking my username is TheSavageOne123 and I didn’t do anything
    ok sooo sorry for using hack can you un bann me pls this!! pls i really need it!!its true that i used hack!!soo pls can you un ban me ???i wont use hack again!!
    You are bad at pvp... :)

    btw lova ya xd
    Hi there. You banned me for "opening f3 and CHECKING THE ENTITIES"
    Man this is not proof. because i have no hacks. i was just under this guy for a block, so it's easier to attack person. And i could ss you at this moment to see that i did not hack.
    hey man its me xXQlirimXx i recently got banned... for advertising by therustydiamond.. I did the appeal i hope you guys read it i explained what happened in there..... btw love your work in the server you are online almost everytime i get in impressive .. keep it going
    Daddy feed me !!!
    Hey im HeatBurns
    Hey man!
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