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  • Bruh i got ip banned idk why :/ I never used any hack clients If you can help me that would be cool
    trying to make people help you is not cool
    Welcome back :)
    Welcome back, buddy!
    hey i won one rename command and isnt working ;-; is in the opfac1 plz help me
    Well..... Hi
    @IExZoMA All of these accounts is banned for hacking. You're not getting unbanned
    (ur probably annoyed by the "i didnt hack xddd") (and lel if i get unbanned id cry like heck)
    WHAT i didnt autoclick, i wasn't holding my left click mouse, heck i dont even have macros! The ban was false. DENIED.
    Left clicking without stopping is not jitter clicking.
    i didnt hold my mouse, its probably the anticheat, i promise i didnt have hacks on! "Left clicking without stopping" you dont have any proof! I am not hacking, and i was only doing like 9 cps! And i didn't even had good aim!
    You are just forcing people to unban you by the fake story you created. First, you don't have any proof. Secondly, no one actually holds left click, it will do nothing like at all, so we don't even know what the hell you are trying to say.
    yeah ok im unbanned so yeah
    also dont necropost, this is wayyy back, like a year ago.
    Thank you if like you to respond with your decision.
    Please Unban me there is no proof that I did anything wrong. If there is please help me understand what.
    I swear to god man I’m not hacking my username is TheSavageOne123 and I didn’t do anything
    ok sooo sorry for using hack can you un bann me pls this!! pls i really need it!!its true that i used hack!!soo pls can you un ban me ???i wont use hack again!!
    You are bad at pvp... :)

    btw lova ya xd
    Hi there. You banned me for "opening f3 and CHECKING THE ENTITIES"
    Man this is not proof. because i have no hacks. i was just under this guy for a block, so it's easier to attack person. And i could ss you at this moment to see that i did not hack.
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