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  • All my friend someone steal my name he called karso its not me he used my name to play or use hack so idc about him my alt is LilKarsa i dont have another alts
    I can't buy one I can't afford it
    Also if you really want to get back on the server buy an unban?
    Xddudeya I'm not even sure if the money from the gift cards are eligible to be used to buy unbans, make sure you can use them for that kind of stuff before
    you try it!
    i dont know if i can do anything for u
    No like if you do get 3rd place
    im not 3rd i cant unban anyone
    Np but if u do get to 3rd place can you unban me with the money you get from the gift card PLZ Ps gift it to me on the pika store like go to other click unban/unmute and click Unban and choose the gift it to XDdudeya
    thanks dude
    u did ohhhhhhhh
    I'm helping you get to 3rd place on voting
    Ohh ye happy new year 🤗
    I wanna play kitpvp more :((((( I think I forgot how to play btw now
    Yo can you buy me a unban I'm banned plz
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