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    Minecraft Username Hamsty Suggestion: Images Detailed description: Let me put a picture on my signature. Instead of asking for a link you should be able to put a imagine from your computer. even when I do put a link to a picture it wont even work. Reason(s): Got nun but I just want to...
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    Lost my 70 Winstreak to a Hacker GG

    then how is some1 supposed to get banned without any proof... anyways.. u lost ur WS lmao bot :3
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    Global unfair advantage mod

    It isn't much of an advantage because 1.8 is messed up and so all it does it just fix the mouse delay and make pvp a better experience
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    Update OpFactions - Reset | September the 18th 2020

    HA imagine getting banned
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    Update OpFactions - Reset | September the 18th 2020

    Nice! Possibly the best update i've seen
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    Update OpFactions - Help us with next the update! | September the 13th 2020

    Add more keys to the kit once or add better/more spawners 1 creeper spawner for god's kit once isn't really going to help much. Make it like 5 or so and add villager spawners to the kit once
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    died twice to smthn stupid

    Probably not “soon”
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    Accepted Remove the player limit per faction

    +1...before there wasn’t a player cap but why do it it’s less fun and harder to do bases for everyone and so people will naturally stop playing
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    How to autosell?! FASTTTT

    But I wouldn’t consider it as “auto sell”
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    How to autosell?! FASTTTT

    It’s not possible unless you got like a sell wand
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    I cant make members of my Faction not able to brake blocks inside my base HELP

    Type /f owner on a part of your land and see if that works
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    My bad...😐
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    Damn sad hours