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  • I applied for Youtube rank and got denied for inactive channel, i reapplied cuz requirements was 3 vids in a month and i got 5, he explained i have too long periods of time with no videos, which isnt a requirement but fine. then i get denied for toxic behavior, admin explain it was in discord, it was actually 3 - 4 months ago but he decided to not tell in previous applications and tells denial reasons in every different application! now i reapplied and its been 22days and no reply. dont ask me to be patient. ik i will get denied for again for some reason that will take 4 - 7 days to fix and a month to fix. please admins look into my matter
    With krekkers gone have we gotten a new admin ? New admin for media ranks and stuff ? Who is subvelent ??? Is he the replacement for krekkers ?
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