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    Sry About now posting this... About a month ago MEMEFAIR used bots every vote party to get a stack of keys

    Since we are insanely talented minemen faction we have technics to run alts that are not against the rules. @MiCiKa on top!
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    Opfactions fixes

    yes yes I agree
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    OpFactions - Reset | July the 12th 2019

    Op Factions reset 2 times meanwhile factions aren't touched 2 years. Atleast better than other gamemodes. gl lmao
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    VoteTop March - Top Voters

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    elegantno sam nesta opako zamjerio - ethopiq 2019

    elegantno sam nesta opako zamjerio - ethopiq 2019
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    jel cujes nesta da puca

    jel cujes nesta da puca
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    Well I can't either, hard life... .

    Well I can't either, hard life... .
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    Denied Global Add YouTube rank.

    Technically umar is a youtuber but sure if you think he can get players instead of fixing some major bugs sure. Best luck to him.
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    Denied Global Add YouTube rank.

    In my opinion useless suggestion. If there were youtubers who are slightly successful this suggestion can be added in no time. There is actually no youtubers or people who are willing to record on pika. The biggest youtuber on pika is a umar who records his beef with a Luio, which is probably...
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    @fawfgaw1 @BizaJR Asking you two before answering to someone to investigate the situation. Koth on classic factions got removed due to bug. By the way you can't start koth by your own you need to follow /koth schedule So shortly, koth is removed there. Wait for next faction season to be...
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    Factions Ender pearl in combat

    That is the point to escape. Attacker can also chase him. Have you ever seen hcf teamfights everyone is pearling so you need to watch when fight in wilderness not just braindead hitting.
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    Factions Ender pearl in combat

    Suggestion: Ender pearl in combat Detailed description: Right now on factions and op factions ender pearls are disabled in combat. Enabling them will make pvp in WILDERNESS much more fun. Of course cooldown of 12-16 secs should be implemented as well. They should stay disabled in warps and in...
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    Update Creative reset

    Hope server will support redstone so we can test a cannoning jar. :3 @iq420
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    Feedback to last faction season and some suggestions for the future one!

    Last faction season was pretty decently made. It exceeded my expectations, but it still needs more improvements to make season more enjoyable. I've asked some of my faction members for their own opinion and feedback to the season and this is pros and cons I've collected from that. PROS: ‚óŹ...
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    Update PracticePvP Reset

    One suggestion Add special thing in party hcf mode where we can choose classes like archer,diamond,bard,rogue.