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    Important is currently not working!

    Hello community, Our domain is currently not working for 50% of our community! Please use our second domain PLAY.PIKA-NETWORK.EU to join Pika-Network if the main domain is not working for you at the moment! Regards, dutchminerHD - Owner Pika-Network
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    Update Black Friday Sale!

    We do not support discount on rank transfers + unbans.
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    The truth about Pika-Network

    Damn, i got exposed :'(
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    Important 25% Halloween sale starts now!

    Hello community, We are now doing a 25% halloween sale in our whole webshop! The price of unban has been changed to 10 euro's instead of 20 euro's. This sale will end on the first of november so be quick and buy your amazing perks now at our webshop! Stay up to date on...
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    Random Disconnects

    Yes i know but i have no clue what's causing this issue and why this is happening.
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    Suggestion For a Possible Update On CSB

    I really have no idea.
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    Suggestion For a Possible Update On CSB

    That's a good one but i don't think i'm able to do that via our skyblock plugin.
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    Random Disconnects

    That means your on 1.7 I do not know why this keeps happening on version 1.7 but you should try version 1.8 next time.
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    Update Galactix reset + updates!

    Kick kicking you for what reason? Do you play on version 1.8?
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    Update Galactix reset + updates!

    Hello Pikacrafters! Galactix has been reset + updated! Read on for further information. 1. Two New KoTH maps have been added! Alien Army 2. New Spawn Map 3. Whenever a player kills another player, they can use the /sellhead command to sell their head(duh) for 10% of their balance! 4. We...
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    Hello pizzaMC, We don't need people talking to our back. You should move on from pika-network and i think this would help alot. I received a clear message from you that pika-network is a total waste of your time so i gave a solution to fix this issue. Have a nice day! Regards, Yoeri - dutchminerHD
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    Update Co-Owner, what?!

    Trust me, there is
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    Important 30% Summer Sale + Kit-pvp reset/remake

    Hello PikaCrafters, It's been a while since our last sale, so here we are with a 30% Summer Sale! This sale will be on till the 1st of September, 2017. You can get the discount in the whole pika webshop! We're excited to announce a fresh Kit-PvP update! We have decided to...
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    Well your wrong. I remade mcmmo wich means if you have 25k on opfactions now and 100k on the new opfactions it will still be nerfed around 50%.
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    Hello Everyone! It’s time to reveal some new things that are going to be added to OPFactions for you to enjoy! Firstly, the reset will be rolled out at 1PM GMT or 3PM GMT+2 (Amsterdam) on Saturday, August 5 , 2017. Now continue reading, for the complete changelog! A 3x3 Pickaxe We have...