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  • UpperGround
    wa wa
    Im sorry to bother you but i got pernament ban for speed and i didnt use any hacks i already told the admin and if i can get my ban dissmised please.
    Hello. I would like to chat with you, represent a forum / minecraft server list, and we would like your server to join us by placing the voting link in our server list.
    i cant open a vote mystery box
    hi dutchfarmerHD,, op prison is close or broken can you fix it and open it, please
    Hello, DutchfarmerHD, my name is Albin i would like to become a helper/staff/hacker catcher i would like to help and suport the server!
    Please pm me on discord MrSteel
    I got banned on this acc with IGN MrMamali permanent 1.5 year ago and i maked 2 ban apeal and no one accepted :( id like play again its only ugly words and i cant played 1.5 year ago :(( pls staff unban MrMamali for New Year gift
    Hello dutchfarmerHD
    would like to know if you can be an administrator of your server because there are many hackers and you could help me do a lot because there are many hackers and if you want something like something suspicious
    Hello DutchfarmerHD.
    I'm AngryAngelo and I wanna start to be a staff. I am a person of trust. I really like the server.
    If you would give me the staff i would help you ban the hackers. If i may know, what does staff do?(What's Staff Job). If you would like to. Please DM me. I would like to help you with banning the hackers. Because i saw many hackers in SkyWars, BedWars and BuildBattle. Think about that please.
    I got a question.. Someone mess up OP Prison Serv and its Ranks.. and i wasted like 1T there. and now old Ranks are back, have no idea why and how.. and my 1T that i used to Rankup when Ranks were down are wasted now..
    Can u pls check out my staff application pls?
    can u please accept my submission of becoming a staff member. thx for your concern
    Please wait for someone to accept it.
    evels is duping he give godset all player in galactix ..
    hi dutchfarmerHD yes i did hack on your server and im SUPER sorry i wont hack again and i got a lot of progress on opskyblock and oprison please can you unban me i wont hack again i promise my.IGN:uTELES
    can my name please be FruktHampster cause when it said name i thought it meant my name irl please change it
    Hi i need help today i bought Dontor+ and i think i kicked by opfaction 1 from the operator and i dont know what to do and im not find me in the BANS my name is YG100 please help me :(
    Nice New Co-Owner
    Sir How to get $50 coupon in top voter ?
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