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  • Callling it, he gon' come back in 2 weeks or shorter.. XD
    That may be true ;p
    Can you accept my friend request on Discord please? I need to ask you something about my support ticket. (I ask this because you have support ticket role so I come to you)
    Your doing a great Work keep it up ;D
    Thanks :)
    Yo man.
    Do you know when the reset of classicskyblock take place?
    not sure yet
    Dusan molim teee
    ban me TheRuustyDiamond bez vid eli ss Blacklist i perma molim te unban razlo: NoSlowDown a svako zna da imam skill a on ban me zato Come_With_Me je don + i reko mu ban ban ban VeerpixeltTV spam ga i on me ban odma za njesto
    Molim te unban me
    Ime: VeerpixeltTV
    Dusan molim te pogledaj sto me je ban napravio sam ban appeal
    imgur.com - VeerpixeltTV
    Igram na srw 2 godine sa skillom i on me ban jbt utepao sam Come_With_Me sa s18 sword i on me ban hhhhh
    TheRustyDiamond me ban
    i need my donator+ perms/commands and perks on op facs, please & thank you! ign : blastShield44
    My appeal accepted but the staff didn't unban me why?????
    please help I have just bought a rank AGAIN on OP Skyblock, but it was suppose to be this name: M4TTY_B

    I really need someone from the staff team to help. If you know how to make this happen then please can you tell me how, I don't have any money left because I'm just a kid xd
    you can help me I want your help day I can jump keys because this way of informing paysafe . not working
    Help me Boy please
    Hi i need help today i bought Dontor+ and i think i kicked by opfaction 1 from the operator and i dont know what to do and im not find me in the BANS my name is YG100 please help me :(
    Hello How Are You Bro?
    Arsenal dobioooo :')
    Duvaj ga duboko <3
    Buraz ae plss makar ti pogledaj moj unban apple kad ovi nece :/
    ae mozes privat ? ili me plss add na skype : NikolaBoss_
    ili daj da ja tebe addam
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