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  • We’re going home.
    virgin islands
    (Insert Lenny Face)
    yo yo yo yo
    Draegoner check my supp ticket
    u guys should add gen buckets in server i mean in op faction and also allow schmetica mod
    and ya one thing a guy named ldog123 hacks like crazy in factions he has killaura and every thing
    Hey drag remember me???
    Just sent request to follow u on Instagram. XD
    I have a problem ? my account got hacked! I know that for sure cuz someone recorded Hi_Im_Euclid in warp pvp? I dont go warp pvp ? I dont pvp cuz i have a bad internet and pc? watch dis vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7F_NBkPCJA thats not me ? i dont go warp pvp? My ign is Hi_Im_Euclid? i was shocked ? i cant open my acc it says wrong password? wat do i do now?
    Prestige-G was glicthing.It empty
    Please help me permanently banned from game my name is Muhiboss123 I was last rank in the prison please open the ban pls help me
    Please help me BAN I am ELERM I will not open the plug
    Ign : robinOMGjohn
    Already had enhough of this ex staff cant be unbanned, its not my fault if the staff left (MrHelloMan999). What if someone had a rank that cost and got banned, would be unfair later not getting unban because it was a old staff who isnt in team anymore
    reason is because they can not get both sides of the story.
    can u please look at my support ticket and help me please
    do you have to do that to me
    i have nothing to do now, because you decide to deny my ban appeal for no reason
    Why did i get denied
    all is that he is getting banned and then you tell me that i hacked and i am supposed to change my IP no it didnt change
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