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Recent content by BobWasPenguin

  1. BobWasPenguin

    kill sounds

    Funny that Pika actually has copied Wool, Ladders, Silferfish, Pots, and such
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  3. BobWasPenguin

    Pika network vampire ability

    It's kind of too OP I guess
  4. BobWasPenguin

    PIKA Needs to fix their KnockBack

    I agree lol I lose ELOs and I'm planning to quit from Pika :ROFLMAO:
  5. BobWasPenguin

    Modified Client bans for a vanilla client

    Usually you get banned WHEN, - Too high CPS (Means too many packets u send to the server) - Slow internet while PvP (Imagine you were attacking someone and you lagged for 2 seconds, then your 2 seconds attack got accumulated into 1 single hit when your internet got normal, then server thinks...
  6. BobWasPenguin

    Ban for no reason

    Before appeal, prepare: - Video or Photo about moments before you got banned. Appeal here: https://pika-network.net/forums/punishment-appeals.149/
  7. BobWasPenguin

    A Question

    Yup, we are allowed, it's not a harm to gb as stated in our rules. Just it's about consistency and how many cps you get. If you Godbrige with a high cps drag clicking mouse, you will get kicked. Why? Higher clicks per seconds means you're sending more packets to Pika that would the server lag...
  8. BobWasPenguin

    Do you often get lag backs this week?

    Thus it means pika is dead
  9. BobWasPenguin

    Ban this Person Bokorbin

    I wonder why there are a lot of hackers bypass the anti cheat system.
  10. BobWasPenguin

    Bow Boosting

    Naaaa, mods are lazy and incompetent.
  11. BobWasPenguin

    Bro Im using lunar client and u think I hack?

    Fuck you, you idiot. Who do you think you are. Great thing that small players report you fucking faggot
  12. BobWasPenguin

    Do you often get lag backs this week?

    hello, the mods said the lag backs happening is only me. do you guys often get lag backs this week?
  13. BobWasPenguin

    Banned For lagging

    Yeah, happens to me thrice this year. I think the mods can't do anything, they are lazy and incompetent, also not open. https://pika-network.net/threads/improve-pika-network-server.229785/ Lagging issue has been happening since a week ago. (and funny the mods said it's only me)
  14. BobWasPenguin


    I agree with you Jerry, almost everyone is hacking since Pika is a cracked server.
  15. BobWasPenguin


    Thank you very much for the suggestion 🍻