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Denied Lifesteal Make more player slots for the lifesteal

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Epic Pika
May 8, 2021

Make more player slots for the lifesteal​

Detailed description:
The LifeSteal gamemode only has 150 player slots which is not enough. I believe that many players of this server would like to play, but due to the lack of space, we have to wait a long time to enter. For example, I waited for 2 hours to log in, but I couldn't log in because it said the server is full. I think more player server slots would be a good thing for this gamemode as it will be the most fun and almost full gamemode this month.​

1. Many players wants to play but they can't join because of less slots
2. Waiting in lobby more than 20 minutes to play gamemode is boring
3. Sometimes you have waited more than 30 minutes because you have got message server is full
4. More people more fun
5. Also you don't need to wait for gamemode to open it will be opened instant like in other gamemodes.​


The Pika
Jul 28, 2020
The launch of LifeSteal wasn't the smoothest, it involved players being thrown out of the que due to the immense strain that was put on it's systems.
This issue won't be occuring in the future, it'll simply work as was intended, having you wait in que without being kicked.

As for the playerslots, Currently it's being kept at ~150, this is for server performance so it can be monitored and terein van be allowed to generate more gradually.
All of this information can be found in this announcement thread.

With things being said above, we appriciate you taking time out of your day to create such a detailed and well written bug report,
It really means allot to us as a team to see players put in effort on maintaining the server and it's playerbase!

This suggestion will however end up being denied due to these issues already being known to us, and soon to be fixed either way.
Not open for further replies.