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Developers need to look into pears.


Jul 18, 2021
Good evening, I was farming pears yesterday, and I got banned for 5 days by the console. If you have played pika network for any length of time you most lickely have been banned by the console for no apparent reason. However, this time it was different when I got banned for the first time. I thought it was a simple mistake made by the console, but when I appealed, I was successfully unbanned. I began farming pears again to reach level 50 on OPskyblock, but once again, I received a ban from the console within a 10-minute timeframe. I thought this was a issue with my computer. However, when I looked for anything that could be causing this, I found nothing. I've been playing Pikanetwork for 3 years without any issue like this. I waiting for my second appeal to get accepted so I could start grinding again (no life). The third time around 12 hours later I started farming pears one again, again for a third time I got banned. I know realised that this isnt something that was wrong on my side but rather on pikanetworks side. I checked the OPskyblock forms and found another individual YashxRaj who got banned for the same reason around 2 weeks ago, the ban was the same 5 days for the reason "Cheating is not allowed". Something weird occurs when you are farming pears on OPskyblock making the anti-cheat think that your cheating in some way. The hypothese that I have came up with is that each individual pear that a player farms is being counted as a individual click meaning if your collecting 18 pears pers second the console thinks your cps is 18, making it think your autoclicking.

- I hope this gets fixed, KinderTine


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