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Important 1.20 Factions Rules Guide

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Feb 22, 2016
Factions Rules Explanations

This post outlines the rules for the Factions game mode. Every specific Factions-related rule for the 1.20.X game mode will be explained in great detail so that players may familiarize themselves with how to play this game mode according to the set guidelines and rules imposed by Team Factions.​

Strikes Punishments
  • 2 Strikes - 10% value reduction
  • 3 Strikes - 12-hour raid ban
  • 4 strikes - 20% value reduction
  • 5 strikes - 12-hour shield ban
  • 6 strikes - 24-hour raid ban
  • 7 strikes - 35% value reduction
  • 8 strikes - 50% value reduction
  • 10 strikes - Faction is disqualified from competing for Faction-Top
Raid Ban = The faction is NOT allowed to raid another faction until the raid ban expires. Players caught doing so will be banned for 7 days
Shield Ban = The faction will not receive a shield for the specific time frame that their strike count relates to
Strikes work in a ladder system, if a faction receives strikes, they will also receive the punishments that are associated with the previous strikes. For example, if Faction A receives 5 strikes, they will also receive a 48-hour shield ban as a 10% value reduction on top of the 48-hour raid ban.
Team Factions
Team Factions is a subgroup apart of the staff team with oversight into faction-related matters. The team is operated by experienced staff members who have engaged in the game mode prior to their staffing. Team Factions are the group of people who directly deal with strike-related issues and faction reports. Feel free to contact Team Factions through support tickets HERE in case you have questions regarding the game mode, strikes/punishments, and or factions reports.​

Please do not ask them to check tickets as they could be busy.

  • Account sharing is not recommended
  • Staff are allowed to screen share a player at any point
  • All global rules are applied to Factions
  • Rules are subject to change at any point, it is you're responsibility to familiarize yourself before each season
Common Terms (These terms are mentioned throughout the document)
  • Base shell - The main cube box that is protected and stores all the faction's value boxes and other important assets (spawners, chests, f home, etc)
  • Buffer - The buffer is the zone outside your base. This is measured from the most exterior wall in the faction claim outwards. This is where enemies will set up their cannons.
  • Buffer Counter - A buffer counter is a cannon placed inside the claim of the defending faction to deter attackers. 1 is allowed per side.
  • Cannon - A structure that is designed to shoot TNT and Sand for the purpose of destroying obsidian. Used to shoot at enemies and other cannons
  • Chunk - A 16x16 block area ranging from the top of the world to the bottom. Can be seen with F3+G on vanilla, and faction clients offer the ability to enable a mod to view chunks.
  • Side Counter - The term for a cannon that is used for the sole purpose of destroying/breaching an enemy-raiding cannon.
  • Shield - The 18-hour time interval within the day where the faction's base is immune to TNT and Creeper Eggs.
  • Grace - The first week of the map where TNT and Creeper Eggs are disabled so that players may build their bases and get ready for TNT week.
  • Ocean - A 1-chunk (width) long area filled with source water blocks with the purpose of creating an easier patching environment for the defending faction.
  • Patching - The act of placing obsidian blocks in the line of fire from the attackers to protect the asset. Catching enemy TNT shots and fixing walls to slow down the enemy cannon.
  • Raid Box - The raid box is the box in which the enemy cannon is located.
  • Raid Timer - An on/off raiding stopwatch that gets activated upon the latest shot of TNT into another faction claim. Upon the final shot, there are 20 minutes to regain the timer before a 20-minute grace period is imposed on the defending faction. The defenders can use these 20 minutes to fix their base. PvP is NOT allowed during this given 20-minute grace period.
  • Value Spawners - Value spawners are certain spawners that are classified to be important for F-Top. These spawners are Iron Golems, Silverfish, Villagers, and Zombie Pigman.
Base Rules:
Claim Hindering
During the grace period, factions are prohibited from claiming near each other for the purpose of preventing expansion.​
Buffer Limit
The allowed buffer limit of defenses on Factions is 15 chunks. Within the 15 chunks of defenses, you may have 120 walls at most. 1 chunk of ocean is allowed per side and counts towards the 15 chunks of defenses. The maximum base shell allowed is 10x10 chunks.​
Slab Limit
The slab limit on base defenses is 200 slabs per wall. Going over this limit is prohibited.​
Raid Detectors / Raid Bots
The use of 24/7 AFK accounts/bots to detect falling entities, TNT, or players is prohibited. Redstone wired checkboxes are allowed, but going AFK in them is disallowed and punishable. Players are allowed to conduct AFK checks on each other as long as they are in the check box. The reporting player must record the accused player for 5 minutes and prove no response is being shown.​
The addition of pillars as seen on regen realms is prohibited. Placing pillars regardless of the block in front of a base is a punishable offence.​
Anti-Nuke Defenses
Anti-nukes are prohibited on Factions.​
Spawner Placement
Spawners are not allowed to be hidden in reverse layers, within walls, in the wild, etc. They must be placed in the value box inside the base shell. Spawners must be placed in a way that allows them to be destroyed by Creeper Eggs. Spawners must have at least 3 sides of the block visible and at least 3 blocks away from a high-durability block such as Obsidian or Bedrock. Value spawners must be placed within Y levels of 255 and 200.​
Buffer Counter Limit
Factions are permitted only one buffer counter per side of the base. A corner base is allowed 2 buffer counters total, a border base is allowed 3 buffer counters total, and a 4-sided base is allowed 4 buffer counters total.​
Buffer Counter Walls Limit
Buffer counters are only allowed to have a maximum of 5 chunks of defenses (~40 walls). Oceans are not permitted on buffer defenses.​
Ocean Limit
Factions are permitted only one ocean per side of the base. The width of the ocean however does not matter, but the length of the ocean must be 1 chunk.​
Width = space between walls, out of the 15 chunks in defenses, 1 chunk can be an ocean
Length = distance from side to side parallel to the base shell.
Watering/Lavaing Spawners
Players are prohibited from placing water or lava around spawners.​
Value Box Limit
Factions are allowed only one value box. This value box is the same as their base shell. Upon breaching a faction's base shell, all spawners must be accessible.​
Extending Claims
Players are prohibited from making normal claims within a 30-chunk radius around their own base. Side claiming does not fall under this category if not abused.​

Unreachable Base
The base shell must be reachable by ender pearls from the closest wall. Having a gap between the base shell and the first wall closest to the base is prohibited.​

Raiding Rules:
Raiding Without Raid Claims
Factions that are raiding must use raid claims. Raid claims will cover the entire raid cannon, walls, and adjust. The adjust may be extended using only barrel claims. Using regular claims to claim a raid cannon and patch is prohibited. To start an attempt on a faction, it must start with a raiding claim. Cannons cannot be built in normal claims then raid claimed later. No construction of a raid may start without the use of raid claims. Raid claims have a 24-hour timer before they expire (automatically unclaimed). Testing cannons requires the cannons to be built in raid claims. The only cannons that do not require a raid claim are side counters and buffer counters.​
/f raid claim 2 - Claims a 3x3 radius (minimum)​
/f raid claim 8 - Claims a 15x15 radius (maximum)​
Raid Interference
Raid interfering consists of players who are neither actively defending nor raiding in a raid. Players are prohibited from assisting other factions in raiding or defending, this also includes PVP. Players are prohibited from leaving their own faction to join and assist another faction in either raiding or defending.​
Contributions to Raid Interference:​
  • PVPing at the walls of a defending or raiding faction
  • Calling coordinates for TNT, players, etc in chat or messages to players who are actively a part of the raid
  • Standing too close to players associated with active raids, as a result disabling their flight or ability to place gen blocks
  • Leeching loot. This includes spawners, value from the raid, and player kills (sets, items, etc
Wilderness Patching
Players are prohibited from patching in wilderness claims to slow down or stop an enemy attack. Players are not allowed to place objects, build cannons, generate walls, etc in front of a base or cannon. Patching can only be done in either the claims for the base that is being raided by the defending faction or the cannon walls by the attacking faction.​
Placing ~4 blocks outside of the defending faction's walls will constitute this rule to be taken into effect.​
Placing ~2 blocks outside of the attacking faction's cannon walls will constitute this rule to be taken into effect.​
Claiming and then patching in those claims will also be considered wilderness patching.​
If an alternate faction is wild patching and is linked to one of the two main factions, both factions will receive strikes.​
Printer / Gen Block / Sand Bot Patching
Factions are prohibited from patching with the use of printer, the use of gen blocks, and the use of sand bots. Players are not allowed to go into /printer to patch and are disallowed to go into printer mode in schematica/litematica to load wall schematics and print those in. Players are disallowed to use sand bots to generate walls, pillars, etc.​
Players are prohibited from using gen blocks for the purpose of patching, however, if a gen block is used during side countering or building raid cannons and the other faction were to side counter or buffer, it is up to Team Factions to decide how to proceed.​
Mining Spawners during a raid
Any form of destroying spawners by the defending faction is prohibited. This includes mining spawners and using Creeper Eggs on them to prevent raiders from gathering value. Chunk-busting spawners will also fall under this rule, as that is also prohibited.​
Illegal Cannons
Cannons used on Factions may only use a maximum of 3500 TNT per shot. Exceeding this limit will result in a strike.​
List of Illegal Cannons:​
  • Rev Nukes
  • Push Nukes
  • U-Fusion
  • Horizontal Nukes
  • Multiple Wall One-Shot Cannons
  • Mid Airs
  • Corner Nukes
  • Wall Removers
  • Left/Right Shooting Cannons
  • Worms
  • Chimneys
  • Roof Cannons (not applicable for 50 stackers)
  • Webbust-AP
  • Auto Adjust
  • Any type of nukes more than 5 wide
  • Any cannon faster than 3 second.
If you have any concerns regarding legal or illegal cannons, please make a support ticket HERE
Illegal Patching
Illegal patching is done when using certain blocks that cannot be broken by TNT to prevent a faction from breaching.​
List of disallowed blocks:​
  • Slime Blocks
  • Cobwebs
  • Enchantment Tables
  • Banners
  • Levers
  • Cactus
  • Anvils
  • Chests
  • Ender Chests
  • Etc (Team Factions Discretion)
Shooting Multiple Cannons
Factions are prohibited from shooting multiple cannons at a base while raiding. Factions are also prohibited from shooting multiple counter cannons. For example, shooting a buffer counter and a side counter at the same time is prohibited, and the same goes for shooting more than 1 side counter at the same time.​
Factions are allowed to have 2 cannons in the same raid claim as long as one cannon shoots only under y-10 and the other cannon only shoots a rev up towards the base. However, these 2 cannons are not allowed to shoot at the same time.​
Barrel Claim Violations
The barrel (adjust backboard) of a cannon is prohibited from being placed in wilderness claims. You may use /f barrel claim to claim the barrel. Barrel claims will show on /f map in a yellow color while raid claims show up in a golden color. Barrel claims can be used up to 12 chunks on a raid claim and 3 chunks on a side counter claim. These claims are to be in length only, either 1x12 or 1x3. A cannon cannot be set up in a way where the TNT will bounce off other structures and shoot.​
Players are prohibited from using enemy claims as a barrel or backboard to direct TNT shots.​
Border Countering
Players are allowed to border counter on Factions.​
Back Countering
Players are allowed to back counter on Factions.​
Raid Claim Size
A raid claim can have the maximum radius of a 15x15 chunk claim. This 15x15 chunk claim consists of the raid box containing the cannon, the walls, and the adjust (could be extended by barrel claims).​
Multiple Cannons In A Raid Claim
Having more than one cannon inside a singular claim is prohibited. This also includes side counter claims and buffer counters. This does not include fully destroyed cannons, but it may include partially destroyed cannons. Factions are allowed to have 2 cannons in the same raid claim as long as one cannon shoots only under y-10 and the other cannon only shoots a rev up towards the base.​
To be safe, we suggest destroying the entire cannon before printing a new one in the claim.​
Overstacker Limit
Cannons may only have an overstacker limit of 6 blocks. More than a 6-block OS is classified as strikeable.​
Raid Timer Abuse
Factions are prohibited from triggering raid timers on themselves to maintain grace. Factions are prohibited from doing this with their own faction, on an alt faction, or with allied factions.​
Factions are not allowed to trigger another faction's raid timer without the intent to raid. This includes using a weak cannon (10 stacker, 50 stacker, etc) on purpose for the objective of holding timer and giving grace.​
This rule can also include other forms of raid timer abuse which is up to the discretion of Team Factions, if you are unsure please make a ticket HERE
Raid Box Defences
Only 3 chunks of walls are allowed on a raid cannon (24 walls). Using Anti-Nukes on a raid cannon is prohibited. Only 30 vertically placed slabs are allowed on raiding cannons. Oceans are also prohibited on raid cannons.​
Side Counter Cannon Claim Limit
Side counters may only have a claim radius of 5x5 chunks. The following commands will automatically claim the highest allowed claim size for creating a side counter.​
/f raid counter
/f raid side
Side Counter Timer
Side counters may only be switched with a timer of 5 minutes. Once a side counter is printed and destroyed by the opposing faction, the players must wait 5 minutes before shooting a new side counter. Players can however fix old side counters and shoot them as long as they are in the same claim. Printing a side counter does not matter, however the shot between cannons must be 5 minutes.​
Side Counter Wall Limit
A side counter is only allowed to have 1.5 chunks of walls (12 walls). Slabs are prohibited on side counter defenses.​
Raiding With Side Counter Claims
To attempt to raid a faction with the use of side counter claims instead of raid claims is prohibited and will result in strikes.​

General Rules:
Faction Wide Cheating
Every 3 cheating-related bans that a faction receives, they will be striked accordingly. These bans include cheating-related offenses, ban evasion of cheating-related bans, ban evasions of screen share bans, and blacklist evasion bans.​
Removing the player from the roster will not help avoid the punishment.​
Acquiring More Than 1 Corner
A faction is prohibited from having more than 1 corner claim, regardless of the world. Factions are disallowed from claiming multiple corners with alt factions as well. This rule applies throughout the entire map duration.​
Faction Shield Abuse
Factions are prohibited from extending their shield duration by any means. Factions are not allowed to surround another faction with walls that are claimed and give them an extended or infinite shield. This rule also covers raiding and side countering.​
Cooperative Faction Spam
Coordinated faction spamming is disallowed and will result in strikes. If 5+ members of a faction are repeatedly saying the same message, this rule will be taken into effect. This will also be up to the discretion of Team Factions.​
An exception for this rule can be made during major events on the server, including when factions are raided/breached, striked, banned, etc. In this case, if multiple people are spamming, it is allowed. For example, Faction A gets striked and the entire server spams "L" or "LOL", this is allowed.
Economy Scripting
Using any modifications to automatically grind resources is prohibited. This includes alt accounts, alt factions, OQMinebot, and other software.​
Tracker Bots
The use of faction bots is allowed, however, it is prohibited for bots to track players, track TNT, or track vanished players. If you have questions about this, make a ticket HERE.
Server Abuse
Server Abuse is a broad term that classifies many events, including crashing the server, exploiting bugs, and similar. Even if a single player is involved with Server Abuse, the entire faction may be striked. It is possible that this could lead to faction disqualification.​
Bypassing the faction roster limit by joining as alts will also count toward Server Abuse.​
This rule also covers doing things that players should not be doing to disrupt the experience of other players. Trying to find loopholes around certain rules, features, and limitations is also covered by Server Abuse. If you have a question about this, please make a ticket HERE or contact staff via Discord.​
This rule is also up to the discretion of Team Factions and higher leveled staff members.​
Sharing Value
Sharing value among factions is prohibited. Factions are disallowed to boost other factions in any way, including money and spawners. This rule is also considered during Grace and is disallowed. Doing so will result in the disqualification of both factions. Mering factions are allowed, however, factions may not bring value while merging.​
Strike Evasion
Evading strikes and punishments by creating alternate factions is prohibited and will result in instant disqualification.​
Raiding While Raid Banned
If a faction is raid-banned, they are unable to create a new faction or join an existing one to raid. Violation of this rule will result in the participating players receiving a 24-hour ban.​
Insiding is prohibited. Betrayal of a faction can consist of giving away faction base coordinates, stealing exp, stealing money, stealing spawners, helping other factions raid your faction, and similar.​
This rule is also up to the discretion of Team Factions.​

Payout Eligibility
To be eligible for payout, the competing faction must follow these guidelines:​
  • Spawners must be placed in the base claim (/f setbase)
  • The base claim must be at least 3x3 chunks in size
  • The base shell must have spawners placed from Y=255 to Y=200
  • The base must have at least 10 walls
  • The roof of the base must be at Y=255
  • The competing faction must be at least 2 weeks old. This does not apply to the first bi-weekly payout
  • The competing faction cannot have any value spawners under Y=190. Value spawners are: Warden, Vex, Ravager, Evoker, and Villager
  • When reporting a faction, make sure to include /f show of the faction being reported as well as /f map if required for the strike
  • You can report rule breakers with valid video or image evidence HERE
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