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  1. D

    I cant breed my villagers

    i give my villagers bed and food and they still wont breed.
  2. L

    NOT able to trade in survival

    Hi, i am LEKING001 i play survival on pika and i am getting too many errors in my account i am perm Alchemist and i am not able to trade with my villagers and i am able to do it with my alt account (Saeily) and villagers are my main source of money income so please fix this issue as soon as...
  3. J

    Survival Villager Bug

    Respected Server Mods, since the survival worlds went down we have been facing a problem regarding with the villagers. they stand still or "freezed" for 10 -20 seconds until right clicked, then it repeats again. we are unable to breed and produce more activites with them due to this bug. we feel...