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  1. JankilPlayZ

    unbanned JankilPlayZ

    hey! i got false banned by TheBearKingHD please unbanned me IGN:JankilPlayZ for hacked client but i was not hacking please unbanned me.
  2. J

    Why Did You Guys Banned me !!!! Come on its Xmas

    Unbanned me Or Ill Destroy ur server ill wish everyon dies in ur server
  3. Microck

    Minecraft Practice PvP release "Im back" (unbanned :D)

    Video Link- ENJOY!! Hey guys so i have a new video ill be posting atleast 1-7 video a week :D i like pika again cuz practice pvp is not pay to win!!! nice xD so i went 4/0 in the video :D i was so good undeafeted in the video (totally not sarcasm totally didn't edit out 5th game lost cuz of...