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  1. yyves


    Hello! My name is Yce and I'm trying to find more internet friends. If you want to be friends with me, add me on discord! cas#5531 and my IGN on the server is yyves :)
  2. lilRyanDZ

    Using the ender kit in skywars!

    View: https://youtu.be/yBZTwvYIT84 rate the thumbnail and that clutch at 1:20
  3. P

    better anticheat people are flying

    Its been months since i have been seeing these cheaters just ruining the fun for everybody. Please just do something about it.
  4. Otherside

    4 hackers 1 skywars solo game

    What is better than 4 hackers invade you in skywars solo? I think there is nothing better than this. And yes I do reported all 4 of them. :)
  5. Otherside

    Same Vote Fix

    Skywars has a weird voting system to chose the match's mode that can be normal or overpowered(rumble). And only ranked players like VIP,ELITE,TITAN,CHAMPION can vote and every rank has its own vote point. VIP-1 ELITE-2 TITAN-3 CHAMPION-4 But if two same ranked player voted deferent modes the...
  6. S

    Skywars is Ruined!😲

    So I've seen alot of Hackers today they've been using the new Client I forgot the name cause I am not really into hacks I am a fair gamer but I have alot of False Ban but luckily they appeal mine Earlier. So Everyone let's report every Hackers Always make a Screenshot so you won't forget. Let's...


  8. M

    Denied SkyWars NEW SKYWARS KIT

    Username: Master_Tamer_ Suggestion: NEW SKYWARS KIT Detailed description: SPONGE KIT i would like to suggest add sponge kit to skywars CONTENT OF KIT LEVEL 1 [2.5 k] 1 - 12 x sponge ( disappearing after 1. 5 seconds with disappearing animation ) 2 - 6 x eggs or snow balls 3 -...
  9. U

    Deafeating a staff and A you tuber in 1 game while wiping the game in 1 min

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4zZMqjV_vk&ab_channel=kuramaUzumaki
  10. Z


    the players HatakeMadara and Shieane were crossteaming in solo skywars
  11. S

    Bedwars/Skywars Tournament

    I am here to pitch an idea of mini game Tournament because i think it cloud a great addition to many PvP based Tournaments and i think i would generate more hype and excitement for these games i hope the pika staff take idea
  12. Ayan3155

    Bedwars or Skywars(vote)

    I just want to see how much people love Bedwars or Skywars
  13. crazysteve79

    Easteregg game

    uh so well i had to kill my own team mate bc of some reason.uh can some1 explain what is that and don't reply me with click here to make bug report here is the vid View: https://imgur.com/a/MmTo5f2
  14. DUXdux

    Skywars. I dont know what else

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b4zuLjtYzg
  15. M

    Question regarding ranks

    If I were to buy vip rank with vote tokens, can i buy a rank upgrade from vip to elite for $10 or do i have to buy elite like normal for $15
  16. fr3z1x

    Sky wars team of 3

    I am thinking that it would be a nice thing and something to consider,adding a game mode in sky wars where you have teams of 3 or another one where theres team of 4.It would be an interesting game mode to play with friends and i think that it would bring more people,an there wouldnt be need for...
  17. crazysteve79

    Adding enderpearl cooldown on e-man kit

    People kit abuse in skywars i was just playing a skywar double a tryhard just perl on my island with a dia sword i was in vip kit i saved myself but many innocent people die with it many servers already did it what can we even do if someone gonna abuse there kit that bad i wonder if any one has...
  18. IsuckHelpMe

    Things I HATE that always happen

    1.Getting snowballed / egged while bridging. 2.BOW SPAMMERS , if you're this type of guy..I dont like you like at ALL 3.HACKERS 4.People who camp in their base.. 5.People who build towers 6.People who just assume that EVERYONES A HACKER when u just give them a simple combo..Like stop.