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  1. lastlegend50

    Buyed Titan rank but i don't have donator role in discord

    I bought titan rank in server but when I went to discord and linked my account it showed that I have not donated. Can anyone help me out ?
  2. TryH_strafe

    Lost my rank ?

    hey, my name is TryH_Strafe before the ownership changed from DutchMinerHD To voodoo/gunfire, i logged online i diddn't had a rank or anything i got video proof of me having topdonator before the server changed ownership, could i get help with my problem soon ? my discord is 1862fps#6868.
  3. A

    I lost my rank and Level

    So I changed my MC IGN today, and as soon as i tried to rejoin kitpvp, it asked me to /register again, so i did. and when i lo9gged on to kit pvp, my rank and level were gone. Old IGN: ApexGlide NewIGN: ApexBlackjack
  4. Matin Mohammad

    My rank is Survival

    I have been told to make a ticket as i have lost my warlock rank on survival may someone please check it out and give me my rank back?
  5. G

    Donor+ Rank Missing

    A Frend Give Me That Book For the donor+ rank i need to show that on staff to get my rank that what i doing now -
  6. MCPlayer

    Rank Rollback

    So I was playing OP Factions 1 and I finally had enough money for COBRA (I'm TITAN) and I was so happy. So I used /rankup and it said I was COBRA and I tested it, I had 15 PVs and /invsee. Then I think the server got closed and no one was there. When I logged back in there, i was TITAN again...
  7. W

    Missing rank

    Hi, I bought a donator+ rank a long time ago. I quited playing minecraft for a while but now I wanted to join the server and so I did but I saw my rank was missing. By the time I bought the rank my minecraft name was: SPAANSExPEPER I changed it a couple of times already. My current minecraft...