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password reset

  1. R

    i cant log in

    i forgot my password since i havent played this server in a very long time (i got into csgo and other games then i returned to this), i didnt add an email before, so i cant reset. what do i do??
  2. S


    Hello all, I have forgotten my password for the pika server for minecraft,, how can i reset it? I have tried numerous attempts........ by typing " /login and my password here " but nothing,, please someone help
  3. H

    Forgot Password Login for server

    Hi, I haven’t logged into this server for awhile and I created a password to obviously play the server. The problem is I forgot it. Could I please get my accounts password reset so I can create a new one? Thanks, HunterHH2002
  4. O

    Help pls password forgot

    Hello pika-network, I forgot my password because it's been a long time that I do not play the server and I would like to recover my password my nickname it was Oullcar I am heros but I do not buy them I win them in a box . my nickname is Oullcar Thanks for your help
  5. I

    Password Reset

    Hello Pika-Network, I recently got my original minecraft and I was playing on the server and already registered in my account, my nick is iThiz I'm Brazilian so I translated it on google translate
  6. G

    Help me please. (Password Reset)

    I forgot my password on Pika Network for my premium account. Do I have to login then switch the password. Is there a command that will let me. I dont know. I haven't played minecraft for 1 year. - AlexGaming503 < Username
  7. Old_Prophet

    IMPORTANT invitations to join servers READ THIS

    Lately we have come across several reports of people that tell us that their accounts have been hacked, right after they have been joining servers that they were invited to by other players. There are several reasons we do not allow the mention of server names and ip addresses. That we do not...
  8. W

    Password Reset

    Hello, My account is WyldX and i have forgotten my password and i was wondering if there is any way of me finding how to change or get my password back, i have tried all of my most recent password i could think of. My password i am using may be correct but i had a name change and didn't know if...
  9. aopap

    help me with my lost account !

    so it's my friend's account he is what was called a donator ++ which is a warlock now on survival his name is cade469316 he give the account to me long ago {he moved into another server} and i don't know the password anymore the oldest password was 469316 then i changed that to BEcade the only...
  10. Lava_Demon

    Please Help Pika-Network Stuff (Password Reset)

    Hello Pika-Network Stuff.I Have One Realy Big Problem.I Was Playing OPfactions1 and somebody asked does i want try his server.He Said Me Server IP and i joined it.When I leaved,i was trying to join Pika-Network.But It Said Me Proxy Its Now yet Used!I tryed join again after 30 min. and it...