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  1. PSPupil

    Bring back a map

    Can you please bring back the old firecracker map. That map was so awesome and beautiful and Personally i really loved it. If possible can you please bring it back and also make generators faster at least gold plz
  2. P

    Old Maps

    We really want old map for fast rush and fast iron because this new map of summer update like, ruined, twi temple, aquarium, attrit, cherno, meal morale, renkoning, etc.... this map have slow iron generator, long rush, bugs, etc... whereas old map like gas station, lighthouse, speedway etc...
  3. BlakD3mon_

    Bring Back The Old Maps!

    Soooo New Skywars Maps came out, tbh they r too big so bringing back the old hypixel maps would be a good idea