1. J

    Back after 1 year!

    it seems that so many things have changed since i left... do people still remember me? it seems that my thread about bringing back old creative has the most views and replies in the creative forums... pls reply if u remember me!
  2. FortunelssGamer

    Give me Subs (JK) (free stuff) (free graphics)

    *SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION ALERT want FREE graphics a logo ? a banner ? (NO MINECRAFT 3d skin gfx nd stuff) {3D/2D(no minecraft)} sub 2 me and add me on skype (FortunelessGamerOnYT) only choosing 2 RANDOM CLIENTS for now.. this is on others cause i cant put dis on YOUTUBE cause rules and stuff...
  3. EzHackusate__

    Remember me?

    yo guys its me im back!! :D. if u cant remember, i am elitetrollz, an old player that always play in opfaction1. Ive seen that most of my friends are gone :( but nah, ill make new friends then xD My playtime will be reduced since i have school and a crap internet.