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  1. Chenzy

    YouTube Rank

    Hello my name is Chenzy! And i applied for YouTube rank on Pika Network and they "DENIED" it. Even though I have met all the Reequipments for it i have: 760 Subs!, 5 Videos/Streams on Pika , Over 100 viewer on every video, plus some of my videos get 300+ Views. And they typed "DENIED" With no...
  2. S

    Mod Application

    Hey my name is Yuri or Stormelic, i'm looking to make the server a better place. I could ban any hackers i find because there are a lot of hackers on bedwars, and i do play a lot of bedwars so i can do my job better. I dont need to be paid i just want to make the server a better place because i...
  3. I

    Read me (especially staff)

    I created an staff application but I didn't even read the rules before posting lol, so please ignore that appeal and I'll make sure to get 30+ forum posts and I'll wait a month after that... Thank you! :)
  4. MikeZ3Great

    Introducing myself

    Hey! I'm MikeZ3Great and I'm a daily player on pika network.. M usually found playing on OP Factions1 but I also play on OP Eggwars.. Sky block and many other servers. Almost a year now since I've been playing in Pika and it's never gotten boring.. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'll soon...
  5. I

    Should i Apply for staff and how?

    I really want to become a staff member at pika-network because i had not seen a minecraft server i would play daily until yesterday i just couldnt get off to try another server so i would be honored to become a staff member
  6. P

    How to apply for staff? if a spot is open.

    Can someone help with staff?? I do NOT know if there is an area open for it. PLEASE HELP.