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    back after 4-5 months

    did bedwars get updated?
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    back after 4-5 months

    did i miss something interesting
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    wait what

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    I didn't know I could get muted for that...

    I didn't know I could get muted for that (Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypocellularboloid) i won't copy paste that again,please can i get unmuted?
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    get quickscoped
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    What is your clicking method in pvp?

    forehead clicking while i w-tap
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    When did you start playing on Pika Network?

    0.5 seconds ago
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    Good morning

    gninrom dooG
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    What is your average cps(clicks per second)?

    mine is 9-10 (also if u get 20+ cps ur account will be yeetus deletus)
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    What is your fav music?!

    despacito old town road
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    if u wanna be cool then type this in any minigame lobby

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    Wouldn't it be great if ....

    shouldn't we fix the existing minigames first.....
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    This invisibility potion is 3 seconds?. Thats terrible!

    just act like its non-exsistent no worries dude